How to Program a Universal Remote To a TV With or Without Codes


Maybe you have lost or damaged your TV remote and have got a universal one but that does not have instructions. What do you do in this case? Well, there are a lot of ways to tackle this problem. These methods have made many people realize that they do not necessarily need the codes entailed on universal remote instructions. 


You can configure a universal remote “blindly” without following a manual or user guide. How can this be done? Here are instructions on how to program a universal remote to a TV with or without codes.

Using the user manual

To start this how-to guide, let us explore the most conventional way of programming a universal remote to a TV when you have the codes. Having the user manual of that universal TV remote means that this task will be much easier. 


You can simply look up the codes on the manual and use them to program your remote. Besides, a manual will have detailed steps on how you can program it accordingly. 

Finding the code online

The internet is a very handy place to find almost every bit of information you need. It can especially come in handy when you are looking for programming codes. There is an entire website dedicated to finding device codes and you can use it since it is at your disposal. 


You can also find specific codes depending on the brand of that remote by running a Google search. This is another way of programming a universal remote in a very quick and easy way.

Looking for it on your remote

The remote itself can be quite helpful when you are looking for programming codes. There are quite a few options to explore in this case, including checking the default codes at the back of your remote. 


You can then reset these codes by taking the batteries out and putting them back again. If the remote has some quick-reference instructions at the back, it is even more advantageous. The majority of universal remotes do have these instructions and that makes life much simpler.

Using auto code search

All universal remotes have a large database of codes used on all existing devices. That means the code of the TV you’re using has already been included in that database. All you have to do is invoke it. 

In this case, you can carry out an automatic code search for the remote to program itself automatically with your TV.

Programming RCA and GE remotes

Programming RCA and GE remote codes can be a seemingly daunting task. Here is a breakdown of how this can be done for each respective remote control:

Programming RCA codes

Step 1: Press the button that corresponds with your device (if you are programming a television, click on the TV button)

Step 2: Press the device button mentioned above simultaneously with the power on/off one. This should be done until the power button does not illuminate and you must release after it reilluminates. 

Step 3: Click on the play button and wait for the TV to shut down. If it doesn’t, continue doing this every 5 seconds until it shuts down.

Step 4: Locate the reverse button and press it until the TV turns on again. If it doesn’t, repeat this process every 3 seconds.

Step 5: Click on S to save the settings.

Programming GE codes

Step 1: Press the remote setup button

Step 2: Choose the device type (if it is a TV, press the television option)

Step 3: Enter the remote code 

GE remotes use 0031 0107 0164 0004 0009 0044 0054 0000 0342 0003 0125 0015 0022 0052 0087.

What other ways are there?

Other advanced universal remotes may have some other fancy ways to program a device without ever needing codes. For example, some of these remotes use a USB connection to be programmed with TV sets. 


Another way some remotes get programmed is by using autolearning technology. In the latter case, it just adapts and connects to the intended TV set with no programming needed whatsoever.