Popular Internet Moments Captured On Camera That Are Hilarious


Mario and Luigi strike again

Hilarious Moments Captured On Camera
source: Imgur

Mario Bros. was released in the early 1980s by Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. Now, they’ve reincarnated as something completely different. Unfortunately, these restaurants look as if they’ve been beaten up by the feisty plumber characters in the video game, but hey, they’re still standing. And maybe, just maybe, they sell good food.

Sink or swim

Hilarious Moments Captured On Camera
Source: Reddit | Feelsbadman07

Floods in Hungary brought out the best of the marketing industry, as can be seen in this advert in Siofok. While everyone was trying to stay afloat, this swimwear model must have been a beacon of hope for the city’s occupants. Never dis the bikini-wearing decathlon model, because you never know when you’ll need her.