Popular Internet Moments Captured On Camera That Are Hilarious

    Enjoy these hilarious moments captured on camera that have internet browsers in stitches. Every now and then, the cameraman or woman is in the right place at the right time to see people and animals at their best (or worst). It’s called ‘life happens,’ and it always brings a smile to your face.

    Natural humor at its best

    We’re sure this guy noticed the mountain in the background and purposefully posed for this shot. Whatever his intentions, he absolutely nailed this pic, his portly stature an exact replica of the silhouette behind him. Nature is as humorous as people are—you just have to be on the lookout for her keen subtleties.

    Hardly art

    Some may call this art, but it is an embarrassment to artists around the globe. At least this guy has a more discerning eye than the artist. The irony is clear as he poses alongside this piece of canvas that a 5-year old could have created. But, he took up the challenge to dress like a ‘favorite’ painting.

    Not quite as trendy

    This model mimic has a great sense of humor. Sadly, his efforts fall short of the standard set. Hopefully, he will grow into his gorgeous self as he matures. But, this is what you get when you’re forced to go shopping with mom—loads of fun. His effort paid off, though, because he is now the store’s model.

    Too close for comfort

    When the T.V. presenter looks like the suspect in the portrait, things get scary. This guy must have been asking himself if the police would be waiting to arrest him after the show. Experts say we all have a twin somewhere, but you don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal, or be the victim of I.D. theft.

    When your head looks edible

    When you’ve reached the point that your bald head looks like a chocolate bar, you know you need to take action. It’s not okay to make fun of chubby people, but if the shoe fits, wear it. Or to be more precise, if it looks like a chocolate bar—exercise caution because looks can be misleading.