Popular Internet Moments Captured On Camera That Are Hilarious


Here we go, again!

Hilarious Moments Captured On Camera
Source: Pinterest

Did someone order an overdose of coincidences? Here we have a guy in a diner, minding his own business, just wanting to enjoy his meal. What happens? Some smartass walks by and sees his doppelganger on the T.V. behind him and just had to capture the moment—snicker! Well done to whoever took the pic, we say.

The cookie monster lives

Hilarious Moments Captured On Camera
source: Imgur

Yep. The cookie monster lives, breathes and walks among us. We just never knew he had a split personality, but that’s what monsters are all about. Unsuspecting, this duo must have linked psychically when they got up to dress that day. However, they achieved this dress-up trick, they made us laugh.