Musk – The King of Deleted Tweets Sends a Current Again


The deleted tweet read…

“We will make a dense Tesla if it matters. Maybe just better to have more tunnels, though. There is no practical limit to tunnel count. Increased traffic due to ‘induced demand’ is the second dumbest theory I’ve ever heard after homeopathy!”

He then deleted the tweet as quickly as a capsule docking at the International Space Station.

The guru in the race

This naturally caused a sensation. “Oops!” said one commentator. “Too soon?”. I think it was timed perfectly, much like a returning rocket landing on its perfect spot. Some think it was a teaser, a warning to others that he’s still the guru in this race.

His Boring Company, which has been tunneling under subway systems at great speed, is linked to this, although no-one has said as much.

The tunnel man

Further, Musk has become known as the tunnel man. He has been busy in LA and in Las Vegas, burrowing away furiously (much like the Tesla in top gear). The aim is to make it easier to connect under the stations.

There haven’t been any bus-like iterations of the Tesla model yet, except for the freight vehicle, the Tesla SUV.

This is amazing

Current visions of the tunnel ferry system from Tesla have shown futuristic, but workable, illustrations of how the tunnels could be transformed. In true Musk style, it’s amazing.

It’s really a world away from when journalists and VIPs were taken on a walking tour of the tunnels in 2019. It was streamed live on YouTube. And even in its early stages, the possibilities were very real.

There was a piece somewhere, just a rumor really, that the Boring Company was digging a tunnel from Las Vegas to LA. Could this be true? Well, heavy tunneling machinery has been spotted in the California desert near to LA…so, maybe, maybe not!

Carry on speculating…

This could well be another misnomer, a little fun on Musk’s part to have people speculating. It could be the real thing, and it’s also quite feasible. Carry on speculating is my guess. It’s the game that Musk loves playing. What else does a bored billionaire do when most things are going according to plan?

Speaking of which, SpaceX is just sensational. Its current worth is $42-billion, and if you’re thinking, wow, I’d like to buy some shares in this company, forget it. You can’t. However, dig deeper and going via the odd tunnel or two, you may just come up with a way that you can hitch a ride!

Did you know Elon Musk was bullied mercilessly at school? Bet you didn’t.

But those Pretoria, South Africa, days are long gone. Except for the fact that the school wrote him recently, asking for a handout. Musk apparently mulled over this. He then, presumably, with a slight smile and a tic of annoyance, wrote them a cheque with this proviso: “Don’t you ever contact me again.”

Fourth richest in the world

Now the fourth richest man in the world, Musk (worth $93,7 billion), has other things on his mind. Like how to do LA to San Francisco at warp speed. The first holidaymakers to the moon, or maybe even Mars (where he’d like to retire to).

Stuff like that. In fact, dates are penciled (or penned) in already.

Born with ingenuity

There is a certain mystique about the man. Probably because it’s not every day a man is born with this kind of ingenuity.

So, when he goes onto a radio show in LA smoking cigars and other things, you can forgive him. When he babbles a bit, you forgive him even more. It sounds a bit like you and me, and you feel like there’s a connection, which is, really, as far as it goes.

Rocket recalibrates to home!

Musk the next day is another man. One of his rockets has taken people to the International Space Station. Then, just like that, it returns to the place from where it took off. At the exact spot.

It’s happened before, so he has no reason to be surprised. Or joyous. But he is. He’s like the guy who tucked his space hero comic under his pillow before he went to sleep. Only now, he’s actually the space hero! 

Tesla tops auto market

Tesla, his iconic electric car range, which comes in at $450 billion, is the most profitable automaker in the world by far. On the market, it’s had its fair share of volatility, but the recent surge in stocks (11%) has given added hope to the industry. There is a rival that has recently appeared. He seems to be performing well. So, another game has begun for Musk, and it’s one he enjoys playing.

Speaking of games and Tesla, Musk is reported to have tweeted recently about a new vehicle from the range – electric buses that will be used to transport passengers from one station to another.

Secret of success

Everyone wants to know what the secret of success is for Musk.

“Work, work, work,” he has said.  You’d be right, though, to think there’s also an X-factor that you’re born with. Making you the 4th richest man in the world.

Wonder what those bullies are thinking right now.