Immersive Gaming: How Dark Souls Player Built a Contraption That Sprays Blood


Gamers have always sought the next best experience for their gameplay. Game developers have answered this call by integrating their games and consoles with various latest tech. From Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headphones to realistic joysticks, game developers have tried to make their gaming more realistic. 

Despite all of these developments, there are some gamers that just seek something extra to improve their gameplay. For example, one Dark Soul gamer created a contraption that sprays blood on his face each time he gets hit. Let us find out more about this device and its impact on gameplay:

Dark Souls gameplay 

Dark Souls is a great game that is action role-based that debuted in the late 2000s. Since then, it has had many sequels that have improved the gameplay in terms of weaponry, skills, and characters gamers can play with. Some may wonder, is there a story to Dark Souls? In this game, players explore the world and meet challenges along the way that need to be slain by a sword. 

A player fights to get to a bonfire and that’s where he rests and restores himself. Since this game is action-filled and available across a variety of platforms in multiplayer, it has become one of the most played games online. There are even YouTube channels following the progress of these skilled players. One YouTube player called Big Secret decided to pimp up the gameplay using his engineering skills.

How does the player get blood spatters when playing?

Playing Dark Souls can be really messy on the screen with all the blood spraying in all different directions. With all the different weapons available, seeing bloodshed is commonplace but for a long time, it has only been on screen. Big Secret decided to take this a step further by using his engineering skills to build a contraption that sprays him with blood when he gets hit. 

If his character gets hit or cut by a sword, he gets some splatter on his face. With every hit, he survives the blood spatters get bigger until the character dies. Now, this makes playing Dark Souls 3 messy on the screen and in real life also. He displayed his contraption in a POV video that was uploaded on YouTube recently and Big Secret ended up being completely drenched in blood.

Does this improve the gameplay?

Although this contraption displays pure genius and innovative thinking, some may wonder if this solution is really necessary. Does blood spatters every time you get hit improve the overall gameplay? It depends on what you consider fun. Of course, if you are highly competitive and perceive losing as a big deal, being sprayed with fake blood may make matters worse. 

However, cheerful individuals can enjoy gameplay that has some kind of motivation, so to speak. Using a contraption like this can relatively improve the gameplay and make it more immersive for players. Big Secret might be onto something by building this blood spatter device connected to Dark Souls. Some gamers are probably aching to build a similar device for their own use because of the improved gameplay.

How did this idea come about?

With all the latest developments on joysticks and the increasing variables of controllers, this contraption was bound to happen. Nowadays, joysticks have shockwave signals based on triggering effects from the game. Also, with joysticks such as guns and steering wheels, the gameplay has become much more realistic and immersive. Perhaps this idea spurted from seeing these gaming experience developments.

Big Secret seems to have an imagination that runs wild judging from other innovative inventions and projects he has posted. Maybe this will also make other people’s imaginations run wild and take it upon themselves to improve this contraption or build even better ones. If you’re feeling inspired by this project, you can build great gadgets to improve the gameplay of your favorite games like this one.

What was needed to make this project a success?

To pull off a project like this successfully, there are various materials that Big Secret probably used. Most likely, the device was made up of a similar mechanism used in filmmaking. Devices used to make blood spurts in action and horror films use a genius mechanism that makes realistic blood splatters. It comprises of a blood-like liquid in a syringe, which is propelled to eject the fluid in the desired direction. 

Big Secret must have used a similar mechanism to eject fake blood every time he gets hit. Every time the device receives electric signals signaling being hit on the game, it creates a mini-explosion that is safe but yet sprays out the blood. If you’re considering a similar project, these are the items you should consider using.

Other similar contraptions

Big Secret has created a variety of other contraptions he shares on his YouTube channel. Most of these contraptions are related to gaming and a lot of gamers envy these genius inventions. One of those inventions includes a pellet gun that shoots him in real life when he catches a bullet in the game. This invention also serves as a motivation to be extra careful and cautious when playing the game. 

All of the game inventions this YouTuber creates are aimed at making gaming more fun and immersive. Creating similar contraptions and considering mass-producing them can help contribute greatly to the gaming community. Gaming will be more fun and players will be warier of every step they take. 

The bottom line

Big Secret is a deep creative thinker who tries to find solutions to making gaming much more fun. In his quest in doing so, he has invented a gaming blood squirt, which is one of the inventions he’s created. The inspiration behind this particular invention could be from realistic and immersive experiences gaming consoles provide. Surely the inventor wanted to take things up a notch and create an experience that has never been considered before. You can draw inspiration from him and engineer another great game experience improvement.