How Did Spider-Man: Miles Morales Fans React To The Change Of Sneakers?


From time to time, filmmakers and television shows partner with different companies in terms of apparel and other items needed. Spider-Man has previously collaborated with Nike on its movie and it was very well-received by fans. 

On the upcoming Miles Morales PS5 game, Spider-Man changed sneakers and instead of using Nike, the gaming franchise opted for Adidas. There have been conflicting opinions about this online and most of the commentary was negative. Why did this change stir up such negativity? Here is more about this matter of Spider-Man changing sneakers:

How significant is Spider Man’s sneaker switch?

Spider-Man has been popular amongst players as a crime-fighting superhero wearing Nike Jordan 1s. Probably this sneaker selection was carefully considered and chosen because of how Michael Jordan made them popular.  

Fans have grown to love this outfit where Spider-Man is wearing cargo shorts, a hoodie, and Jordan 1s. Sony and Marvel have changed these kicks to a completely new brand, Adidas. 

This is quite visible even from the pictures that were posted by Nice Kicks on Twitter showing these two versions of Spider Man’s outfits. The first picture shows the new Spider Man’s outfit with Adidas sneakers while the second shows the old one. The difference is significantly visible and fans were upset over this change.

Why did Spider-Man: Miles Morales change sneakers?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a new deal with Adidas and that is what inspired the change from Jordan 1s to the new sneakers donned by this superhero. The old Jordan 1s were a practical fit for this character because of Spider Man’s color scheme and his role. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is portrayed by Miles Morales, who fights crime in the Harlem area. That is relatively a ghetto area and therefore, the Jordan 1s were a practical fit. With this deal expired, the creators of the PS5 game opted for a pair of Adidas sneakers. Fans are very outraged by this development as they want their superheroes sneaker restored or upgraded to something better.

What is upsetting Spider-Man fans?

Spider-Man fans that have grown to love the ghetto version of this character with the cargo shorts and Jordan 1s. After all, the theme of his crime-fighting is based in Harlem. This sneaker change seems to have been arbitrarily carried out and that is what is making the fans upset. They do not believe Marvel and Sony researched enough to make this conclusion of changing sneakers. 

Some have expressed their personal opinions on how this change should have been carried out if it was absolutely necessary. One of those ways is by using Yeezy sneakers, which are created by Adidas. That indicates the core concern of fans, which are the generic-looking sneakers with a similar silhouette to Jordan 1s but with an Adidas logo.

How can Spider-Man fix this?

Although most of the work has been done to produce this game, its creators should consider adding more varieties to Spider Man’s wardrobe. Perhaps by creating different skins and costumes, Spider-Man can be accepted globally. That would allow players that love his old outfit to play with it and those favoring the new one enjoy their game likewise. 

If returning the old outfit is not an option, perhaps he should consider adding skins using the new suggestions being made by this character’s fans. For example, Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ developers should consider adding Yeezy sneakers to this superhero’s wardrobe. Creating this variety can also attract more players to buy and enjoy the game.

Will this have an impact on player volumes?

It is hard to tell whether this negative PR that Spider-Man: Miles Morales has received will impact player volumes. Currently, a lot of people are very psyched up about the release of PS5 and this game is one of the most prominent ones. Although a lot of people feel offended by this game’s new wardrobe for Spider-Man, it does not seem that this will make a significant difference. 

There are only a handful of games that are being marketed for the new PS5 release and Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the only one of its kind. By listening to their target audience, Sony and Marvel can get significantly more players that might boycott this game for changing sneakers.

The story in a few words

Spider-Man fans are outrageous because of the wardrobe change made by Sony and Marvel. They believe it was not well-thought and the execution wasn’t perfect. Some have come up with suggestions and only time will tell if the developers will listen. However, despite all of this, it does not appear as if this negativity will reduce player volumes because a lot of people are excited about this game’s release with the PS5 in mid-November 2020.