How Sony Disgruntled Players With The New Software Update?


Gaming consoles are upgraded every now and then to provide an exquisite gameplay experience using innovative tech. Amongst the biggest players in the gaming console developers market, Sony has been exemplary on this in the past. 

The company has created unique gaming experiences through their Playstation gaming console series. However, on the latest development, they have made Sony has just made their relationship with players sour. How did Sony do this? Here are more details on this matter: 

What is Sony’s direction for the future?

The main objective Sony has in mind is a world full of digital consoles that do not require any blu ray disc players or hard drives. This means PlayStation consoles are headed towards a future where you will not have to buy a blu ray disc to play your games. Instead, everything will be completely digital and available online for use.

This development had debuted on the Playstation 5 and will seemingly continue in the future. From now on, Playstation consoles won’t have a blu ray disc compartment but all games will be purchased offline. However, Sony took it a little too far by how it executed this development. How did this happen?

How did Sony offend followers?

Sony seems to be trying to force this development by the new software update it provided to gamers that own Playstation consoles. The new software update changed the game gallery website, which altered the experience on Playstation consoles and other mobile gaming devices.

Sony removed the former tab that showed all games you own and only displays digital games that you’ve purchased. It does not display all filtered lists of games you have played and currently own on other consoles and gaming devices. Although this development probably had pure intentions of trying to migrate all players online, it offended a lot of Playstation gamers all over the world.

How did players react to Sony’s software update?

A lot of gamers have taken their disgruntled opinions on various social media platforms. Players have expressed opinions on why this development was not necessary. There are a lot of tweets and Facebook posts of players venting on how this development is not viable and convenient for them.

The most impacted gamers are those who use PS4, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita. Players who have used the central game library are very disgruntled and are petitioning that this be reversed or for a better solution to be used. Gamers are not at all happy and some are considering discontinuing their use of Sony consoles.

Why did Playstation players get angry?

A lot of people might ask the question, why did Playstation players get angry? Well, the answer is simple. They feel ostracized by Sony because this new game library seems to be partisan to only a handful of gamers. By completely deleting the old functionality that provided other consoles and mobile devices an opportunity to access their games, these gamers feel left out.

Their reasons are well-founded and hopefully, Sony will listen to these petitions and resolve the issue with a more solid and inclusive solution. Most of the comments indicate that Playstation gamers feel left out by this change and some even posted some very personal views.

What does the new Playstation software entail?

The new Playstation software is very innovative and ground-breaking in its nature. It has some great features that support this futuristic idea of completely digital consoles. On it, you can find all that is needed for gaming without hard drives and blu ray disc players.

However, it was only on this feature where Sony went wrong. By completely deleting the game library, players will not be able to access games they have played before. Hopefully, this will get resolved and all Playstation consoles can be inclusive and have a unified system.

How could have Sony done better on this?

Some of the comments posted online indicate how players would have preferred this menu. One of the comments indicated that they should have created a separate compartment with the digital game purchases. Sony can unify their system by doing this and it has the potential of including all types of consoles.

There will be no players left out in the cold. The implementation of these user-based inputs can improve the gaming experience provided by Playstation gaming consoles to a much great extent. 

The bottom line

Sony has experienced a lot of negativity because of this software update as it has released catering solely to digital consoles. There is only one way they can resolve this and make all customers happy and it is by replacing the former game library. They can run this in parallel with their new digital console centric software update and in this way, all parties will be happy and satisfied.