How Sony Broke Its Biggest Promise And Disappointed The Gamers Worldwide


Sony digital has received a lot of praise from gamers worldwide for their upcoming PS5. The promised gameplay seems to have improved drastically from playing online games to offline ones. 

There has been a lot of appreciation for this marvelous creation that was designed and developed by Sony yet to be released. However, there is an element that is tainting this wonderful PR. Sony is not keeping its most important promise to current PlayStation 4 gamers. What is that promise and how did Sony break it? Here are more details on this:

Sony’s promise on the usability of PS4 accessories

From as early as April 2019, the architectural designers and engineers of the PlayStation 5 have been flaunting its capability to integrate with 3D Audio on PS5. Their major promise that they were publicizing before the official announcement included that the console would be compatible with TV speakers. 

That would allow users to be completely immersed with all-round sound, which originates even from the TV set. In addition, the PS5 Digital Edition was portrayed to be compatible with PS4 accessories. This came as a huge relief and joy to PS4 gamers who currently own a wide variety of accessories. 

Unfortunately, it has been recently made public that the PS5 will have limitations in terms of its compatibility with PS4 accessories. Also, the PS5 Tempest 3D AudioTech feature will not be ready by the time this console launches. 

This comes as a huge blow to the PlayStation gaming community that eagerly awaited these great features that were promised. A large part of this community feels betrayed by Sony for not honoring this promise.

What accessories will most be affected by this?

Mostly, the limitations announced by Sony pertain to compatibility with PS4 accessories relating to audio playback. Some games were labeled by name to have an all-around sound immersive with PS4 and TV sound compatibility. However, the AudioTech limitation will not apply to some games. 

The games include Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Resident Evil: Village, and Horizon: Forbidden West. The sad part is that not all games will support this audio technology, which might impact its gaming experience. However, there are some gamers that do not seem to see the scope of these limitations. 

They do not see the difference of integrating audio with a TV set since they use headsets mostly. In fact, they should be worried because PS4 headsets might not be compatible with this console. 

The only headset that was mentioned by name is the 3D Pulse headsets, which will have the audio technology promised. Many analyzers and bloggers have concluded that all other headsets will work just perfectly but this has not been confirmed yet.

Why is this so much of a problem?

Although some gamers do not see much of a problem with this limitation, many are finding it offensive for Sony to break this promise. Honestly, the majority of PlayStation gamers were looking forward to using this feature that enables 3D audio on the PS5 console. 

Even those with high-end headsets were hoping to experiment with TV speakers and experience the all-around immersive sound that was promised. Although this issue is more technical, the problem stirred up on the emotions of users. They were looking so forward to using or experimenting with the AudioTech feature PS5 architectural designers and engineers promised. 

Thus, the issue is mostly with the trust element instead of being about technicalities. Perhaps, the developers and engineers will be a little careful next time they flaunt features before the console is even officially announced. Fortunately, gamers did not go out on a full-blown rant that suggests something neat a boycott.

How is Sony working on resolving this?

Sony is all over this problem and has great promises that have been announced officially. For example, Sony mentioned that even though these promised features will not be available when the console launches, they are working on releasing them at a later stage. 

That builds up another period of suspense for PlayStation gamers who are willing to purchase the PS5 console. Also, making the 3D audio available on a few games that have been mentioned above is an olive branch to gamers. Sony seems to be committed to meeting gamers halfways until all promises have been honored and AudioTech is available on TV sets as promised. 

Gamers will keep a close eye on Sony until this promise has been honored. That period will come when PS5 owners can get a feel of the all-round system sound announced by its engineers and designers. However, for now, it seems like gamers will have to live with the limitations until an upgrade is available.

What can you do to work around this issue?

Although there is no surefire and foolproof method to work around this issue. There are limited options that can be exercised in this case and they can’t amount to what was promised entirely. One of those options is getting high-quality gaming headsets that are immersive and user-friendly. That is if the rumor of the compatibility of the PS5 with any other headsets is true. 

You can even use 3D Pulse headsets to mimic the all-round sound that was promised. On top of that, try to keep tabs by frequently checking up on any developments from Sony’s end. 

You might be surprised that the upgrade is right around the corner and there is no need to wait longer. On the other hand, you can familiarize yourself with the new interface until the AudioTech feature is available.

A broken promise

Sony broke its promise by delaying the release of the all-round sound on TV sets and PS4 accessory compatibility. After the announcement and statements made, gamers can expect these developments to be available soon. In the meantime, PlayStation gamers will have to make ends meet with the features currently available. Who knows? Maybe the features will be released much sooner than everybody thinks.