Utopia: Exploring The Age of Disinformation


A lot of people have been raving about Utopia with a lot of conflicting opinions. Some follow this show religiously, whereas others do not give this show the time of day. Perhaps, you are also torn on whether or not to watch Utopia. 

Alternatively, you may be more accustomed to researching a TV show before watching to avoid any nasty surprises. To help you figure this out, here is a detailed review that explains this TV show without giving spoilers.

What is Utopia about?

Utopia is a unique television show that depicts characters mixed in huge conspiracy theories. It all starts from procuring a manuscript of the book called The Utopia Experiments. After getting this book, one of the characters invite other enthusiasts of this topic to discuss the book. 

Soon after that, these Utopia enthusiasts find out the book actually holds predictions to major world events that are catastrophic. After this discovery, their lives are torn apart because a secret organization uses any means necessary to find the book. When this secret organization searches for the book, they also look for another woman called Jessica Hyde. 

The Utopia enthusiasts meet up with her and they try to evade capture together. All of that happens as a pandemic is on the horizon of a virus called the Russian Flu. There are a lot of other conspiracy theories that this group is caught up in as they try to evade the secret organization and save the world.

Why are people having conflicting opinions about it?

The entire global population has always had conflicting opinions on conspiracy theories. Some even believe that there is a secret organization pulling strings on everything under the sun, whereas others do not believe in such. Therefore, this topic can be considered a very sensitive and delicate matter. 

It does not come as a huge surprise that it is disliked but some. Also, with the rise of pandemic outbreaks nowadays, some people might start believing in TV shows like this. That concerns people from different walks of life because they think it might cause civil unrest at some stage. 

Regardless of these opinions, Utopia is proud of the storyline and cinematography contributed to this show. Also, there is a disclaimer clearly stipulating that this series is purely fictitious and does not have real-life inspiration. Despite the people that hate Utopia, the TV show has a solid fanbase that loved watching each episode.

Is Utopia based on a book?

The fans of Utopia might have guessed that this TV show is based on a novel written some years back, whereas others might believe that it is based on a comic book series. That might be because this show is based on characters following leads from a book. 

Either way, those conceptions are both false because this TV show did originate from either. Surprisingly, Utopia was inspired by another TV show of the same name. It is quite odd that a TV show is inspired by another, especially if they are not under the same franchise. 

Others might also see it as odd for a series of this kind not to originate from an in-depth novel. The initial show was based in Britain and did not air in a lot of countries. Amazon actually made the initial show much more famous by creating this version of it. 

Who directed this television show?

Utopia has been crafted beautifully, everything from the cinematography to the screenplay. Directors and producers have obviously poured in their heart and soul to this project. Who are the executive producers of this show? 

Gillian Flynn, Sharon Hall, Toby Haynes, Jessica Rhoades, and Dennis Kelly are some of the prominent names that produce this show. The producing company that brought this series to life is Amazon Prime. Other production companies have contributed greatly to this TV show. Some of those companies include Kudos, Endemol Shine, Pilcrow, and Trallume Productions. 

It is directed by Spike Lee, who has built a strong reputation in the film industry as a director. This great team taking care of the grunt work behind the scenes has been very helpful in making the story come alive. Almost everything is perfect when Utopia is screening and it would not be possible if it were not for the behind the scenes work.

Is Utopia still running?

A huge crowd has flocked to watching Utopia. The targeted audience has welcomed this show pretty well and since it coincided with a real-life pandemic, it has gained a lot of traction. As of now, it has 1 season that has been released. 

The season runs 8 episodes, which take approximately 45 to 55 minutes each. Episode 8 was the season finale, which left a lot of followers asking if there will be a second one. Although Amazon has not formally announced that it has ordered a second season, the show will have one. 

Currently, the cast and crew are working tirelessly to produce the second season of Utopia. That is great news for Utopia fans that watched the emotional season finale. Hopefully, the cast and crew will bring their A-game in the next season also and keep viewers glued to their screens.

Difference between Amazon’s and the British’s Utopia 

One may wonder if the British Utopia is any different from the one aired by Amazon. The answer to that question is it varies. Sometimes it is so different but at times, even the screenplay is similar. Although the storyline is very similar, there are some aspects that are totally different. 

For example, at the very beginning of this TV show, these 2 versions of Utopia are not the same at all. In the British version, it all starts with a whole lot of violence with people being killed. Whereas, Amazon’s version starts with a more relaxed approach with a family moving into a new home. 

In episode 3, the show possesses some similarities as well. The aforementioned episode on both versions of Utopia depicts an 11-year-old child being framed for shooting sprees. This is done by a secret organization that is after the child. Another thing that is very common across both versions is the bloodshed and intense violence.

The cast

Utopia has a pretty diverse cast because they have actors from as young as 10 years. Javon Walton, who plays as Grant Bishop, is only 10 years old, which makes him the youngest in this cast. He does an awesome job of making Grant’s role come to life. There are a lot of other actors and actresses that make this TV show an exciting one.

Some of those actors and actresses include Sasha Lane, who plays the role of Jessica Hyde. Rainn Wilson has assumed the role of Michael Stearns. 

Dan Byrd plays the character of Ian Ackerman. These are some of the popular characters and their real-life names. There are a lot of other amazing actors that you can get to know as the episodes unfold.

Is the show really worth watching?

Despite this whole lot of information, the question boils down to, is watching this show really worth it? It all depends on your personal preferences. If you like conspiracy theory-themed movies or TV shows, Utopia is one of the best options that are currently available in this decade. 

The TV show is also very action-packed and thrills most viewers. However, if you are faint-hearted, watching this show might not be a great idea. The violence in it can be too much for sensitive viewers. The British version received 40 complaints about gratuitous violence and Amazon’s has the same amount of action. 

Whether you watch Utopia or not is at your discretion but those that love thrilling action and some fiction will miss out if they do not see this show. Be sure to check out the trailers before watching to ensure it is a perfect fit for you. 

Utopia is definitely not for family consumption because it can scar kids and traumatize them for life, especially because it features scenes where kids are murdered or framed for gruesome crimes.

Where can you watch the show?

Once you have made the decision to watch Utopia, you’re probably looking for ways to watch this show. Currently, the show has been released on Amazon Prime. It is unclear whether other networks will get airing rights as time goes on. 

However, this is the best way to watch Utopia seamlessly for great entertainment. The TV show can be viewed in 4K Ultra HD, which is very high picture quality.

The bottom line

Utopia is a great series to watch. It has a solid storyline but can be a little bit violent for faint-hearted viewers. The series is an excellent choice for people who love conspiracy theories. You do not necessarily have to believe them because they can still be great entertainment regardless. You can enjoy the TV show on Amazon Prime Video in 4k ultra HD video quality.