PS5 versus Xbox Series X: Which next-generation Console Will You Fall For?


With the Next-generation console release just about a fortnight away, there is an excitement building up that the PS5 will be available in stores on 12th November, two days after the Xbox series X and S hits the market on 10th November.

But between the two, which one will you add to cart even as pre-orders hit a hot cake viral?  The question sounds tricky and you may need to make lots of comparisons before answering.  But weighing into the perception of the general public, the PS5 seems to be headed for the winning side.

PS5 versus Xbox Series X

The price factor

With the much-awaited landing of Xbox X, Xbox S, and PS5, we have a feeling that Microsoft will release a box with an impressive price tag and lots of clever technology.

Some of many expected improvements are swifter loading times, with multi-games opening the same time and close to 120 FPS support, and accompanying ray tracing all going at a price tag of $299 will prove to be a tantalizing prospect fit for most gamers this season.

The tech side

In the meantime, Xbox X outdoes Sony’s latest machine almost entirely. Though some folk may quickly notice the thin differences, this will not be a hindering block for Xbox X fans to showcase their win against their PlayStation console war rivalry.

The DualSense controller, which has come with the PS5, has truly opened new avenues and experiences in the gaming circles. To the fans, the PS5 will have to do more to have a convincing voice to its fans.

Sony Broke Its Biggest Promise

The design aspect

Both Microsoft and its rival Sony have taken different routes to their console designs for the next-gen. There is an apparent design choice when one places each against the other, be it at a vertical or horizontal angle. What is clear in the displays is the bigger PS5 as compared to the Xbox X, whichever way you place them.

When standing vertically, the PS5 is head higher above the Xbox X and proves thinner when laid flat. This is good news because the PS5 can slot well in your TV stand, whereas it might prove impossible to slot in the Xbox X. That’s a point you cannot afford to ignore when doing your reviews.

Where to place the consoles is another sensitive issue to consider. The two require ample ventilation to keep off a buildup of dust into the devices, which can hurt the device’s performance as time lapses.

In terms of dimensions, the PS5 is about 15.4 inches lengthwise by 10.4 inches in depth and 4.09 inches in width, whereas the Xbox X is 11.8 inches in length by 5.9 inches in depth as well as width.

The rivalry at its best

The two rivals also have different designs in terms of internal accessibility. Sony’s PS5 owners have the advantage of opening up and dusting out their consoles or expand the device’s storage capability by slotting via the M2 SSD. The sad news goes to the Xbox X lovers because it does not allow the owner to open it for cleaning and the only way to expand your storage is expanding through a proprietary card.

The Xbox X and PS5 differences get greater when you compare the slimmer Xbox S because Microsoft was wise to incorporate a substantial number of components found in Xbox X and producing an even tinier package with a different GPU power available in the bigger console.

PS5 versus Xbox Series X

Looking closely at the PS5 and Xbox X and S from Microsoft, none of the devices come with removable stands. Sony, on the other hand, decided to include disc-shaped stands for the PS5, which is attached to the console’s bottom by a flat screwdriver. To make your gaming a lot more exciting, the stand is built with claws, which can be used to clip the PS5 recessed side so that it can stand horizontally.

Xbox X has a non-removable stand such that when you place it horizontally, you might think your console fell over because its stand remains fixed, unlike the Xbox S, which will look okay when laid on whichever position. After all, it has no stand, something that gives it the advantage of easily fitting into your TV cabinet.

Is the comparison fair?

It is head spinning trying to compare the two consoles PS5 and the Xbox series X, to decide which one to buy. I guess I might need to pre-order the two devices to fulfill the urge of going fully digital in this gen-series. The truth of the matter is that during the launch of a new series and some days after, everything dives into a sale mood.

It is also significant to note that retailers also tend to lower prices of games if they feel they didn’t get a good catch during prelaunch.

The Xbox X could be an interesting device for gamers whiles the PS5 could be significant for Sony established titles or other exclusively interesting experiences. Both devices are offering their refined experiences and attractive price tags.

Which one will you go for?