Haircut Fails From The Isolation Times Going Viral

    With essential services being cut to the bone during the lockdown, most people are left to their own device when it comes to their hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be married to a hairstylist. Here are some of the most epic haircut fails that the lockdowns have produced.

    Clipper fail

    When you have to take care of your own hair, you have to make sure that your equipment won’t fail you. Guys are easy as they just have to drag the clippers through, that is until the clippers dies on you while you look like Crusty the Clown.

    What could my Street Fighter villain name be?

    Being at home with the wife and kids is great, but there are some things that should be left to the professionals. This dude would have been better off with a full mop of hair. I hear the bed head look is coming back.

    5-Year-old skills

    Given the fact that you are likely not to see anyone for a couple of weeks, it should be safe to hand your 5-year-old the clippers. Social media has a way to come back and bite you if your wife decides to share the end result.

    A little too much off the side

    When you are forced to do your own hair during the lockdown, then you need to have a steady hand. This fella was not prepared for those pressure situations. His cut turned out a bit skew, but he wasn’t too bothered it seems.

    A new Quarantine cut

    During quarantine, people might feel inspired to try out some new styles. That might seem like a good idea, but some people are just better at hair than others. Then again, you have some time to grow out the blunders if things don’t turn out that good.

    The mother’s fade

    When your mom tells you that she can give you that fade cut that your barber so effortlessly does, then think again. It doesn’t matter that she promises you that everything will be alright because it won’t. There are certain things that moms just can’t do.

    The quarantine fade, or slip

    It is only a husband’s love that will let this blunder slide. The wife dubbed this little slip of the hand, the quarantine fade. I have a feeling that there might be some trust issues after this mishap. He will think twice before letting his wife near his head again.

    The quarantine bowl

    When you are desperate for haircut, there are styles that you should just stay away from. The bowl cut has never been a good idea, under no circumstances, quarantine is not going to change that. Rather shave it all off and get it over with.

    Lesson learned

    It is times like these that we learn that there are a couple of things that we cannot do in the mirror. Trying to shave the side of your head is one of them. At least he will have a week or two for the new hair to catch up.