How To Connect PS4 To Hotel Wifi in Minutes

    In a scenario where you had to take your PS4 console along with you for that important trip that will require you to sleepover in a hotel, one thing you have to figure out is how to connect your PS4 to the hotel Wifi. Setting up your console to a hotel WiFi can be tricky especially if it’s your first time trying it. But trust me, it is something you can do in just minutes if you read through this post and follow the instructions below. 

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    Step 1. Set up your PlayStation console by connecting it to the TV in your Hotel room. 

    Step 2. Switch on your PlayStation 4 console

    Step 3. Go to the ‘Settings’ option and press the X button. From the option, click on ‘Network’. 

    Step 4. Go to the ‘Setup Internet Connection’ option from the list and press the X button. 

    Step 5. From the option, click on the ‘Use WiFi’ option.

    Step 6. Between the Easy and Custom options, click on the ‘Easy’ option. If you have the details to set up for the ‘Custom’ option, then go with it. If not, stick to ‘Easy’. 

    Step 7. Next, you will see a list of WiFi names nearby. Find the WiFi name of your hotel from the list. If you don’t know the hotel’s WiFi name, you call either call the reception to get it or look through the check-in package that holds your keys. 

    Step 8. It will take your console several seconds to connect. After that, click on the ‘Test Internet Button’ option and press x. 

    Step 9. Most times, it will connect. But if you get the ‘Internet Connection failed’ message, simply click on ‘Details’. Then click on the ‘Suggested Actions’ option.

    Step 10. Find the ‘View Status of the PlayStation Network Services’ and press X. This will redirect you to a web browser. It will take you to the sign-in page for your hotel. Put in the necessary ‘Details’. You may see the security verification page, simply click ‘Yes’ to get to the sign-in page. 

    Step 11. Double click the ‘Back Button’ to go back to the network page. Click on ‘Test Internet Connection’ again. If you got the process right, you will see the ‘Connection Test Complete’ message. 

    Trust me, the process is actually less complicated than it looks here. 

    Use A Third-Party Virtual Router Hotspot Sharing Software 

    connect ps4 to virtual router
    connect ps4 to virtual router

    Another option to connect your PS4 to a hotel WiFi is to use a third-party hotspot software. You will need your laptop to do this. The idea is to connect the internet from your computer’s hotspot to your PS4 instead of directly from the hotel’s WiFi. It comes in handy and saves you some money if your hotel charges based on the number of stuff you connect. There are other virtual router software out there, but for this tutorial, we will discuss the Connectify.

    Step 1. Set up your PlayStation console by connecting it to the TV in your Hotel room. 

    Step 2. Switch on your PlayStation 4 console

    Step 3. Ensure you set up your Ps4 with your Connectify virtual router before you travel. This will make the connection process easier when you get to the hotel. Follow this tutorial on how to set up your PS4 with your Connectify With this, you will have your SSID and password ready.

    Step 4. When you get to the hotel, connect your laptop to the hotel’s wiFi. Go ahead and share your hotel internet from your computer to your PS4. Viola, you have your entertainment box ready to use.