When The Past is Chasing

Are you familiar with the feeling that when something that you did in the past and not so proud of, is for some reason getting back to your mind? Or worse, getting back to others mind? For example that time you had this awful haircut, or when you got too drunk in front of too many people?

In this age that we live in, it is not so easy to completely get rid of those memories. Everything is online and documented, probably forever. So try to imagine how bad a celebrity feels when the whole world getting back every now and then to things they did many years ago. Or when a company is doing a really bad decision. The internet remembers. Everything.

Lets see some famous examples:


There is something loveable about her. I am not sure I can put my finger on it, but there is. Maybe the reason that we know her since she was very young? So she kind of grew up in front of the world? And as a part of that, her bad years where all out there, too. I was happy to hear that she feels better now and still try to do something with her life. She has a new bar and a reality show. Maybe its not Med school, but hey, this is the only thing she knows. So I wish her all the best. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, so no, her future wasn’t any bright.

No you didn’t! Did you, Mr. Cosby, actually wrote that book? How dare you? I guess you felt untouchable and unbeatable and almighty. Not cool.

Bill was loved and hugged by every American family, being the favorite show to watch with your kids for years. But it all gets a bad perspective after that his real face was revealed.

Another reporter making bad assumptions and gambling wrongly. And this time – politics. Only a year ago, this reporter wrote why Mr. Johnson will never be UK Prime Minister. Less than a year later, and well, Mr. Johnson IS the UK prime minister, replacing Ms. Mey. The internet don’t even need to sweat in order to find this one, so I hope for this reporter he still holds his job and that next time he won’t be so sure about things. 

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