Live Streaming With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For The Vote


The thing about politics is that it drives you to do the unexpected in a bid to earn the vote. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves this by being among the few persons in politics to engage with the youth in a live-streamed game. Her engagements were spectacular, having earned over 400,000 viewers for an individual streamer.

Her loyalty lies within the boundaries of the Biden ticket that was her driving goal when taking this initiative. It was not all, she also anticipated playing the game, and this was her best time to strike. She went out of her way to purchase gaming equipment for the grand play day of 10th October.

Who Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

AOC rose into power as a representative of New York’s 14th congressional district. The congresswoman standing as a member of the Democratic Party has proven to have victory as her cup of tea in elections. She involved herself in politics at the young age of 29 and has been at the forefront of using social media as a tool of engagement.

You cannot miss to view her social media pages and read posts of her advocating for the rights of her fellow Americans. She mainly prioritizes medical healthcare for all and government provision of federal jobs to every graduate who is of age. Her limits are without bounds because she battles against the enforcement of unlawful U.S immigration and customs.

During these periods of staying safe, she took a step further by going out of her way to increase her reach on the youth. Gaming was her best option due to the massive players who are potential voters for her cause.

How was Ocasio-Cortez’s first experience on Twitch?

Most people were eager to see what she has planned for them in her first-ever Among Us game. At 9 PM ET, the number of viewers started shooting up in high numbers while at the time, AOC was busy trying her best. She fought for the crown with all her efforts, but it is hard for a newbie to beat a pro like Pokimane.

The grand-streamer and HasanAbi, Twitch’s popular commentator, supported her throughout the initial stages of the game. But this was not her first time engaging in video games for the vote because she did this in May and has increased her engagement. It is no wonder her Twitch live-stream garnered much popularity among social media game lovers.

She had her fair share of the cake when she killed other game participants within a short while. One of them attested to this saying, “Today I was killed by @AOC in among us within the first five minutes.

Why choose to live stream on Twitch?

AOC has a history of being a social media fanatic making this so like her for her to align in online gaming. Amazon’s Twitch was probably her first idea in mind due to its engagement with many young voters. It combines live streaming and gaming, where people who do not play a game can continue participating in the comment section.

The platform offers viewers a chance to donate to their players, and in the case of AOC, it was an opportunity to lure them to her side. She attempted to meet her goal of earning voters by broadcasting herself while playing Among Us with an audio commentary. Any questions or tricks to help her win the game were open for discussion on the chatbox.

She was able to marinate throughout while encouraging the youngsters to vote. Her targets were all the sus who streamed to her game. But she had the imposter fear during her first attempt. She played imposter on her first round and was able to maneuver through the game for a while.

What is behind her political and campaign initiatives?

When you have been in the social media industry for quite a while, you would know about its adverse reach to the youth. It is what AOC uses as her campaigning weapon in a bid to boost her party and political ambitions. She actively engages with her followers on Twitter by creating hashtags and blowing the minds of her Instagram family with incredible pictures and captions.

She did it again this time around, bigger and better on Twitch by first knowing the tricks of attracting her target audience. She used the shout-out mechanisms to other proficient gamers that lead to her increased viewer record recorded this year.

All she wants is to encourage the public to exercise their democratic rights of voting. It is to help them choose the right leaders to help them achieve the American Dream. Alongside her advocating for a progressive platform to help the people.