Greatly Timed and Eye-catching Sports Pictures to Enjoy


You know that a picture can communicate a lot compared to using so many words. This can be the case when the picture is of high quality with the right frame. The camera should be high powered with the right definition. An obsolete low-power malfunctioning camera that needs to receive a few “slaps” for it to work may not bring out a desirable image and message. When the cameras are used at the right time to capture an event in the right way, the pictures can be quite interesting. Think of some situations where players dress in a funny way, or one is injured or engages in a funny facial expression. Below are timed and eye-catching sports pictures, ranging from strangest to funniest sporting moments that you could enjoy.

Girl-like Hit

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Girl hits can be very devastating and may not offer anything to long for because, as you can see, pulp hit looks more or less like a jaw hit, causing the girl to lose self completely. No wonder the mouth looks like that of a warthog that has just started feasting. This picture clearly shows that sporting events are not always fun but can be full of pain, distress and agony. The fighter looks like she has conquered the world and its nature and at the end of the day, only one receives a reward for putting efforts whole-heartedly. These ladies don’t look like real sporting fighters; one is like a skilled chiropractor applying force to spinal joints to improve physical function.

The Bombshell

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Here comes the bend-over moments on cold ice, a unique way of expressing skating skills with a high level of flexibility. Whereas she looks like she can break her back, she is just enjoying her moments, as can be seen in the skater’s extended broad smile. The cold-freezing ice seems to be making it even more fun as the skater hits her butts with her head. This is quite an ideal snow game for the skating enthusiasts who want to have a unique and amazing experience. The issue here is not skill and flexibility but the passion that goes with this amazing sporting event. This bombshell experience shows the technique at hand can be completely dazzling and eye-catching, especially for the audience.

Bull-rider Overturns

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

For bull riders, getting bucked off is an ordinary occurrence because the rider has to ensure he remains mounted on the animal as it attempts to back him off. When training, no one discloses to you how painful and horrible this experience can be. You have to certainly discover for yourself. The nature of these sporting events attracts many concussions among players. Bull riding is a dangerous sporting event with exposure to head injuries. The above player seems like he has been thrown severally as per his facial expression. Is attire has been tampered with to the point that it is almost worn out? The bull, on the other hand, looks innocent though it is very clear what may have transpired.

Look Out

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

This woman here is quite unaware of the disaster that is about to take place and take her smile away. The camera has caught her really off guard. She is just a sports spectator, thinking that her point of interest may attract the rest of the audience. She is caught on the wrong side of the game while attempting to take a selfie away from the sports field, as reflected on her stretched right shoulder. Probably she is not interested in what is going on in the field and she decides to have fun in her own way on a good sunny day. The dress code can tell it all; that she is technically present with no apologies whatsoever. No need to worry; after all, she is not a player but a spectator having fun.

Hero Dad Moment

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Fathers can be great heroes when it comes to sports, even when they are not actively involved. It is clear that fathers are soberly playing the role of protecting their women and children after a ball has mistakenly been thrown into the field. Interestingly, the boy captured on camera looks clueless as he continues holding his mobile phone. The women are looking so horrified and are almost hiding under the benches as though a ball can bite them. Someone should advise them to engage in such a sporting event someday so that they can overcome fear. Maybe the dad is not a master player but at least he understands the art of dealing with sports moments, which is part of this great fun.

Frog Pose

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Ninja frog? Yes, never underestimate the power and the passion associated with playing a tennis game. This player looks like a frog that is just about to jump, but wait… it’s a human being on a frog pose. He is not a swimmer either, but an ordinary player gazing at the white ball in a manner suggesting that he is clearly up to it. Tennis game may give an expression that it is full of jokers but the truth is that players have mastered a good approach to it. This is just an exceptional game that is fun to play or watch. Frog poses are rare in other games and this is what makes this game quite interesting to watch, thereby creating fun and laughter.

Jazz Hands

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

This is a very common scene in football games where all eyes get glued to the ball in preparation for what may happen next. In this picture, it seems like the player wants to fly as every part of his body is actively involved in the game. If you are not sure of how football is played, you may wonder whether the style of hitting the ball really matters. The player is trying really hard to ensure that the ball is not grabbed by the opponent. This is just a well calculated protective move that is adopted by experts in the game. The player has to be very careful while displaying jazz hands or mimicking jump jacks to avoid handball that may amount to a penalty. 

Gun Scenes

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Tranquil water is one of the best forms of wakeboarding water. Aquatic games are more fun when you play alone. The player engages in these badge styles, especially at the early hours of the day, just to have moments with self. The water has to be at a reasonable level to allow the player to not only enjoy the scene but also admire his flexible muscles. He must not have a phobia for water, lest he drops as a result of limited waves. The guy looks like he is intentionally analyzing his body muscles and indeed, he doesn’t lose it all; his muscles are something to go by. These are the kind of fellows who can practically drop you down just by a mere slap. 

Real Game Vs. Eye Game

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

This guy looks like someone has wronged him but he is just engaging this ball with his eyes without necessarily concentrating on the real game. This ball is somehow “tormented” by these very eyes, but it is not clear whether a real kick is going to happen in a short while. Whoever captured this move must have done a good job, creating a dilemma as to what the next may be. Eye game may allow the player to have mental preparedness in as far as dealing with the real game is concerned. It may be a means of preparing for real games in the coming weeks. The player has cultivated the art of the real game and eye game and none of them can be ignored.

Bull Horn Search

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Bullfighting requires a high level of preparedness because it can really get tough, especially if someone lands on an angry bull or vice versa. This man has clearly been sandwiched on the ground like a powerless baby. The guy may have sustained serious injuries while the onlookers gaze in amazement and can do nothing about it. Despite the risk involved, the culture dictates that this may end soon and the fighting would continue since this is a game like any other. When you are defected, you get up, dust off and try again. The horn of the bull has just sunk and cannot be easily traced, leaving the guy so helpless and hurt despite his guts to engage in this risky activity. 

Superman or Dennis Rodman

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Nothing could ever stop Dennis Rodman from going after his errant ball, not even the base floor that may be hurting. Rodman simply forgets that the force of gravity will soon catch up with him. The astonished spectators, with their eyes wide open, crane their necks to catch a glimpse of this determined player. Their eagerness to see the end results is paramount and Rodman’s efforts are not in vain; he finally catches the ball. The spectators know that Rodman has no ability to float on air or fly and so they use also their necks to watch this drama. A fall is guaranteed, and at this point, chances of injuries are high. Dennis Rodman is indeed a superman who deserves to be celebrated.

Hair is Everywhere

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

Long hair can form part of the weight being lifted the same way it is a blessing and therefore, it can spice up the game. This weight lifter simply forgets her long hair and does her thing. The hair covers every part of her head until a point where she cannot be recognized easily. In any case, what matters is her ability to lift the weight and so she can lift whatever is around her. The lady knows that her attempt to pull off the hair back can make her lose the game and that’s why she opts to ignore it. She knows that she is after gaining confidence, attaining great body shape and keeping fit and her hair should not be a hindrance.

Clary or Voldemort? Who is Who

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

This is a backstroke by a US citizen, Tyler Clary, in an attempt to win Olympic gold in 2012. The person who captured this photo got astonished but clearly got it right by making Clary resemble a dolphin. The camera edge makes Clary look like Voldemort than an Olympian, possibly due to the water coverage. The Olympian is captured almost breaking outside the water. Backstroke is not for the fainthearted and is one of the most amazing and unique eye-catching aquatic scenes, especially for swimming funs. The branded attire reflects the professionalism and enthusiasm that Clark holds for this game, keeping his body and shoulders in a straight position. This is a clear reflection of how an image can speak clearer than many words.

Is This a Pretty Shot?

Greatly Timed Sports Pictures

The ball that looks like an unripe mango is quite heavy and not many players are able to give short puts proper attention. It is not easy to spin this heavy iron ball in style and get it right unless you are well-trained. This player has naturally changed his facial expression, maybe to see if the ball can “obey” his intended purposes to allow for a score. The body muscles are also strong enough for the throw and maybe he has fed well, ready for the game. The sweat splashes back to the eyes and probably to the mouth, which is part of the game. Since the player may be experienced, it may not be so hard for him to shoot and score.