Taming The Dragon: How Is YouTube Going Toe-To-Toe With TikTok?

    It seems like not too long ago that YouTube took the world by storm and for a while, it seemed like nothing could threaten their status as the top-dog in video streaming. Many other smaller streaming services came along like Vimeo, but they never had the firing power that YouTube had.

    In recent years, a new contender has come along in the form of TikTok and it has taken the world by storm. As far as competition and dominance threat goes, TikTok has got the folks at YouTube scrambling about for plans to stay on top.

    What makes TikTok different than YouTube is probably the ease by which users can upload and create videos and also the length of videos created. They found the perfect fit for the next generation of tech users and YouTube suddenly has to play catch up.

    YouTube is aware of their shortcomings and they are reportedly working on a feature that is set to roll near the end of the year to compete with TikTok. YouTube ‘Shorts’ is their answer and the mechanics of this feature are fairly straight forward.

    The new feature will allow users to upload short videos into a news feed within the YouTube Mobile app. Users will be able to use licensed music from their catalog to use in the short clips. Although it is not known for sure, there are speculations that the feature will only be available to users who have a certain number of subscribers.

    One might think that users will want to flock to YouTube’s Shorts, seeing that there revolves a lot of controversy over the Chinese-owned TikTok app. TikTok’s moderators have immense power over which content gets promoted above others, something that users might not appreciate. Only time will tell if YouTube’s answer can compete with TikTok.