Wolverine vs Deadpool: MCU Battle of The Bests

    If you are a comic book lover, you’ll probably have a favorite character or pair of characters that you look forward to seeing. One of the most loved rivalries is that of anti-hero, Deadpool and the bad boy, Wolverine.

    It is one of Marvel’s longest rivalries and with the recent Deadpool movies, this relationship has evolved to a new level, thanks in big part to Deadpool. Both Wolverine and Deadpool are immortal and although they sort of fight on the same side, how they go about their business is completely different.

    When you look at the personalities of the two, it’s easy to see that they would struggle to sit around the same fire. Deadpool has a no-care attitude and is driven by vengeance. Although he is immortal, he isn’t too fond of the idea of not dying. This adds to his absolute disregard for his own safety to the point where it looks as if he wants to kill himself.

    Logan, or Wolverine, on the other hand, has an unhealthy sense of responsibility. He was turned into a killing machine because of his regenerative abilities. He didn’t always have the adamantium blades, but thanks to an excruciating procedure, he is virtually indestructible.

    Wolverine is calculated and thinks things through, whereas Wade, or Deadpool, doesn’t give a rip. He usually thinks after he does and wings everything in between. The two will probably always be at odds with how the job is supposed to go down and that is probably why they will always try and kill each other in the process.

    It’s hard to say who you would want to come out on top, that is probably why Marvel pitted these two against each other. They couldn’t decide who they like more either.