Universe Unsolved: Dead Stars Have The Answers

    A picture showing a couple of distorted stars has left scientists all over the world to dig deep as to what its collision will result in. They anticipate that a similar case will occur 500 million years through a system called PSR J1913+1102. This is whereby a pair of neutron stars collide, sending a tremor through the universe that causes the moving of the fabric of space and time in the form of gravitational waves.

    When a star dies, it expels most of its guts across the universe, causing a supernova explosion. The core breaks down to create a highly dense form of the observable matter in the universe known as a neutron star. The outcome is a single form of body with electrons close together and the protons and neutrons in gaseous or fluid form. They are quite small and have a mass 1.5 times that of the sun.

    Scientists have been up to the task since the 2012 star collision trying to figure out the population of the neutron stars by constant surveying of the galaxy. They have tried to unveil how this phenomenon could explain what makes up the human body and how wide the universe can expand. The pair of distorted stars was found to be “the most asymmetric merging system reported so far,” This is because their masses are 1.62 and 1.27 times the mass of the sun, unlike the other neutron star collisions. 

    They have tried to study the galaxy from different angles, having had some significant discoveries. They studied the gravitational and light waves of the galaxy using a case study of the GW170817 that is a gravitational wave of August 2017. They used the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and Virgo directors looking for similar explosions in the sky. In a days’ time, their numerous telescopes spotted an optical counterpart to GW170817. 

    The discovery of the multi-messenger astronomy was key in determining the expansion rate of the universe. Fredman described, “The gravitational wave signals are able to measure a distance to the merger site, independent of any other method.” When combined, it gives a unique and independent measurement of the Hubble constant, which is the rate at which the universe is currently expanding.

    Sustaining life on earth closely attributes its success to such neutron stars that create many enriched elements in space. They may also be a great source of precious jewels in the world, such as gold.