The Most Hilarious Design Fails

    Design can be seen as an art form, a way to communicate or share ideas or a plan to solve tangible problems like keeping people safe. Different types of designs can inspire people to imitate certain trends, follow certain people, and be more passionate about their job, country, or anything else. However, not all designs are made with the intention to solve problems, address agendas or otherwise prompt any serious response from people. Some designs are made with the express purpose to make you laugh, whilst many of these designs were intended to be funny, some were not. A large portion of the funniest designs become funny due to mistakes made in their creation and the wrongful use of the designs or products based on them.

    New development to the high heel

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    Whilst scientists and historians have many explanations as to why ladies love wearing high heels, women have a simpler answer. High heels make people who wear them look taller and when people look taller, they can appear to be slimmer. People who wear high heels even claim that they improve their posture as they have to stand with their backs straight. However, studies have shown that high heels can be harmful. For example, in 2014, the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 71% of women who wear high heels experience foot pain. High heels have also been found to make changes in people’s spines and to increase the chance of developing bunions. Let’s hope this new sideways heel design will help with that.

    Pokemon GO is still alive and well

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    The Pokeman

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    After its release in 2016, Pokemon GO still has a loyal following even though the game’s popularity has decreased over the years. Pokemon GO is still one of the leading location-based games in the world, with players from different countries participating in its events regularly. People were drawn to download this game more than 500 million times in just one year because it is a free-to-play game that’s built on augmented reality tech. Even though playing Pokemon GO is free, the game still has in-app purchases and players have already spent over $400 million on these in 2020 alone. Since COVID-19 has struck, it seems like many Pokemon GO players can’t roam the streets freely due to lockdowns and they’ve resorted to hiring Pokemon catchers.