Times When Celebrities Photobombed Ordinary People

    Photobombs are some of the funniest ways to prank your friends and family. They’re even more entertaining when they happen to celebrities, or celebrities just happen to photobomb you. This is what happened in a selection of these funny pics. Now, we can also be amused by the happenings of others. Enjoy!

    The Queen of England

    Imagine you’re at a girls footie game and you want to take a pic with your BFF at the goalpost? You, get in a few practice shots, and you take the perfect shot. Later, you’re going through your pics, and you see the Queen of England smiling at you in the background. A one in a million shot.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Yippee. A family and friends tour around Europe, stopping off at the Eiffel Tower in France. Everyone is ready. Pose. Smile. Say Viva la France!  And who should photo bomb your family holiday pic of a lifetime? None other than Arnie on bicycle, proving that he really is back – just not in his movie scene.