Global E-Sport Competitions With The Best Opportunities

    Gaming tournaments and e-sports have grown and entered into the professional era. Long gone are the days where gaming tournaments were only recreational and players entered for the fun of it and, of course, for bragging rights.

    Nowadays, gamers who play Dota, League of Legends and numerous others have entered the professional era where they compete in massive arenas, filled with sponsors, fans and merchandise. The prize money for these tournaments has also grown and many e-sports stars are among the top paid sports personalities in the world. If you want to get into the big money, you have to hone your skills in the big tournament titles.

    When Fortnite exploded onto the scene, there weren’t many people who would have predicted just how successful it would become. In 2019, Fortnite hosted the biggest e-sports tournament in the world, with the biggest prize money pool.

    Anyone could enter and play their way to a $1 million prize per week. The best players were then selected and they competed for a massive $30 million prize pool. Due to the Coronavirus, the 2020 tournament was canceled, however, it is set to go on in 2021 again.

    The international is another high-paying tournament and brings the world’s best Dota teams together for a tournament of frenzy. This is one of the highlights on the e-sports calendar each year, where 16 teams from across the globe get together in Seattle to show their stuff. In the end, they battle it out for their share of $10 million.

    The league of Legends World Championships is another tournament in the esports calendar that is a smash hit every year. Anyone can enter the tournament and once you pay your registration fee, you are in the running for some amazing prizes. Team players have to jump through some hoops to make it to the finals where they play for $1 million and the 70-pound Summoner’s cup trophy.