The Death Of ‘Glee’ Star and More Shocking Celebrities Death

    Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths We Just Can’t Get Over

    The sudden loss of a celebrity always sends shocking waves to the internet world and even more to their fans. People never anticipated that death would be so cruel to let their star die long before their time. It’s never easy to recover, especially when you adored, loved, and made some of these individuals your icons.

    Jerry Stiller

    The comedy actor died at the age of ninety-two due to natural causes at his Manhattan home. The veteran actor of The King of Queens had his last few weeks dealing with many issues. His son Ben Stiller finally revealed that he wasn’t as energetic as before when passed away.

    Cameron Boyce

    At the age of 20, Cameron Boyce suffered a seizure that led to his sudden death on the morning of 6th July 2019. The Disney Chanel actor was epileptic, a condition he suffered for three years. His light shines in the many films he stared on even after his sudden death.

    Luke Perry

    2019 is a sadly nostalgic year for his fans, having lost the star to Riverdale Luke Perry to stroke. Overwhelmed by the situation, his family decided to put him off the life support machine. This was after the 52-year-old experienced a second massive stroke that led to his death on 4th March.

    Anthony Bourdain

    Anthony Bourdain hanged himself in Le Chambard hotel in Alsace, France in June 2018. The star chef took the suicidal road after photos of his girlfriend Asia holding and hugging a French reporter hit the internet. This might have affected his strong emotions towards Asia that made him feel betrayed.


    The renowned DJ took his life by using a broken wine bottle to cut himself. He was only 28 years and had visited Oman for a vacation during his death. His family described him as a fragile artistic soul who worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress.

    Paul Walker

    The actor perished in a tragic road accident with Roger Rodas at the age of 40. His demise shocked many of his Fast and Furious fans who never saw him complete the movie’s 7th series. His co-actor, Vin Diesel, never forgot his friend by honoring Walker’s memory ever since he died.

    Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant was a victim of a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of nine people. He was traveling with his teenage daughter when their lives ended at a mountainside in Calabasas. This occurred because of the helicopter’s engine moving its rotors during the crush as the pilot tried to avoid a clod layer.

     James Avery

    The demise of actor James Avery due to complications from open-heart surgery devastated many of his fans. The star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom passed away at the age of 68 in Glendale, California. He died on New Year’s Eve, shocking his fans and co-actor Will Smith who saw him as a role model.

    Naya Rivera

    The Glee actor drowned in Lake California while rescuing her four-year-old son after they were reported missing on 13th July 2020. Josey and her mother had gone out to swim on the 8th on the southern side of the lake. Soon after, police found him sleeping on a boat all alone.