The 10 Most Incredibly Evil Women In The World

    It seems there are women in the past who have become so twisted and bent, that men would have run screaming in the opposite direction if they’d known. Just the contemplation of their evil minds and worse deeds is enough to send chills up and down your spine. Evil comes in many forms and is so often packaged in ‘normal’, that it is amazing to think just how wicked these women were. Creativity was their mainstay to kill their victims. Lured in by charm, power, twisted minds and manipulation, their hapless victims met their deaths far too soon.

    Queen Mary I. Born: 1516; Died: 1558

    Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon, and their one child Mary, was the only child to survive her early years and grow into an adult. She aggressively ensured that Catholicism was reinstated in England after taking the throne, following Edward VI’s death, and Lady Jane Grey, also known as the ‘The Nine Days Queen.’ Mary acquired the nickname of “Bloody Mary” because she ordered the deaths of several prominent Protestants in her realm. Elizabeth 1 was equally notorious for her brutality, which is why she shares space with her counterpart on this list.