Strange Images You Will Only See In China

China is a very unique country, with some tastes and traditions that might look strange to the everyday westerner. But for the people in the east, this is everyday life. From scorpions on a stick, to senior citizens doing perfect tai chi, here are X photos to show how strange they might seem.

Street food delicacy

Street food looks a bit different in China. Here we find small scorpions on a stick or a fresh one served on a spoon – are you brave enough to swallow it, stinger and all? They are put onto the stick still alive, but they are deep-fried and then enjoyed. Hmmm, yummy!

Everyone needs exercise

So, how often do you do exercise? Are you nimble enough to hold a stick on your neck… with your feet, or does this senior citizen have you beat? Early morning and evening is when old and young get in their exercise. No wonder their martial arts are so lethal.

Famous Foreigner

Ever wonder how the rich and famous feel when they get their photos taken everywhere? Just go to China, and you will get your photo taken constantly while everyone else stares. From the not-so-stealthy photo from across the street to having a full-on photoshoot with their children, becoming famous has never been simpler.


In a country of 1.4 billion people, personal space isn’t really a thing. When it comes to naptime, you take any space you can get even if it isn’t the most comfortable. The priority here is to make things work for you rather than sitting like a dead dodo and waiting for the turn.

Hot Competition

Can you eat a hot pepper? How about two? Want to scale it up? Join this competition in China, where they are put into a pool full of peppers and they see how many they can eat. Are you game? This is as fiery as it gets and this is what you call ‘dragon’s breath’.

Something is fishy here

There is a trend in China where young girls show how thin, delicate and graceful they are by carrying a goldfish, alive and in water, in the cavities of their collar bones. The longer you can keep it there, alive, the better you are in terms of fitness and beauty. Who needs a fishbowl?

What is copyright?

They say copying is the highest form of flattery, but the Chinese take this to the next level. From Tuna (Puma) to Fony (Sony) – for every high-quality brand name, there are at least 2 or 3 knock-off products at half the price, or maybe even less, if you are open to negotiation.


From 12 to 2 pm, China shuts down. Everyone, from the restaurant staff to the police, knows this is naptime in China and they don’t let go the opportunity. Comfort is the last thing on their minds at this time, and you can see workers sleeping where they land, in any position they can find.

Just a little off the top

I just love getting a haircut, but I will think twice before getting one in China. The Chinese barbers cut hair using sickles and hot tongs. I hope he didn’t do anything to upset the barber! One slip of the blade and it will be the last haircut you will ever need.

Seaside holiday

It’s summer and time for a little holiday. Six weeks of sun, sand, sea and… oh yes, people. Remember, your summer holiday is also a holiday for 1.4 billion other people, and this is what the beach looks like. I hope you have time to wait for your turn in the water.