How To Save GIF From Twitter To Iphone, computer

How To Save GIF

These days GIF image formats are quite very popular, especially on social media space. GIF is an image format that makes use of lossless compression. This means that the quality of the image remains the same. Normally, an image gets to lose some quality when you compress the image, but with GIF, the quality remains the same. In this content, you will learn how to download and save GIFs from different platforms into your device.

How To Save GIF From Twitter

When a GIF image file is uploaded to Twitter, the Twitter platform converts it to a video file. In other words, the file will be displayed as a video file. This is the reason why you can’t download GIF straight from Twitter as an image. The advantage is that video files are quite smaller in size than the GIF files.

Thus, you will be saving space and data when you download it as a video file. There are several ways to save GIFs from twitter EXGIF OPTIMIZER. Find the Twitter link to the Gif file and past inside the ‘Paste Image URL’ option and click ‘Convert to GIF’ and ‘Download’. 

Option 1. Use EZGIF

EZGIF is a website that allows you to create, edit and download GIF files. You can use the site to download any GIF file from Twitter. To save GIF from Twitter using EZGIF, go to the

Option 2. Download and convert

The second option is to download the file as a video file and then convert it to a GIF file. To download GIF as a video from Twitter, use the TwitterDownloader Website. All you have to do is to grab the file link, paste, and download. The mp4 file will download to your device. Upload the file to EZGIF to convert to GIF.

How To Save Animated GIF To Computer

As stated earlier, GIF files are image files. To save GIF to your computer, you have to save it as an image. The process is very easy even for first-timers.

Step 1. Locate the GIF file you want to save to your computer

Step 2. Place your Computer cursor to hover on the file you want to save

Step 3. Use the right-click option. From the options, click on the ‘Save Image as’.

Step 4. You will see the ‘Save As Type’ options on the downside of your window and choose the ‘GIF image option’ and click on ‘Save’. The file will be downloaded to your computer as a GIF file.

How To Save Animated GIF To iPhone Using Safari Browser

The safari browser is the customer browser for IOS devices. Unfortunately, the Safari browser doesn’t have the download manager option. Thus, to download GIF when browsing, you need other means to download GIF to your iPhone. You can use the following steps below to do so.

Step 1. Open the GIF file in another tab on your browser.

Step 2. Find the ‘Share’ option in the menu bar on top of your tab. Click on ‘Save image’. You can also use this method if the file is a mail attachment. To view the file, go to ‘Photos’ and click on ‘Camera Roll’.

Where To Find GIFs Online

There are several platforms to find GIF files online. Most people share and upload GIF files on social media platforms. You can download it from those platforms. Another option is to use the ‘Google Image Search’ option. Finally, you can find hundreds of GIF files on sites like giphy.


The process of how to save GIF files from various platforms has been explained in detail in this post. You can use this guide to download and share as many GIF files and you like.