How To Record Skype Call On Windows, Iphone, Android

    How To Record Skype Calls

    Almost a decade ago when Skype released the Skype call feature, there was no option to record Skype call. The down side of this that people couldn’t record memorable moments with their loved ones. Most people had to resort to using non-skype software to record calls on Skype.

    Thankfully, a recent update on Skype now allows you to record your Skype calls. With this feature, you can capture and keep moments you want to relive in the future. Also, you can now hold tutorial sessions via Skype and view later. Skype stores your recorded calls for 30 days, but you have the option of converting and serving the file as an MP3 or MP4 file on your device. The Skype call recording feature works for Android, Windows, IOS, macOS and Linux platforms.

    The process of how a record Skype call is quiet easy. Even a first timer can catch up in no time. You can use this method to record both video and audios on Skype. Let’s check out how to record a Skype call on different devices.

    How To Record Skype Call On Window, Linus, MACos

    Step 1: Start Your Call

    The first step is to start making the calls. Search through your Skype contact, click on the profile you wish to call and click the call option for either audio or video.

    Step 2: Start Recording

    start recording

    After the call connects, you will see a + sign on the bottom right side of your screen. Click on the + sign and you will see the ‘Start recording’ option. Click on that option to start recording your calls.

    Step 3: Stop Recording The Call

    If you are done with the conversation or you want to stop recording the call, go back to the + sign. Click on the sign and you will see the ‘Stop Recording’ option there. Click on the option to stop recording your calls immediately.

    How To Find The Skype Call Recording on Windows

    Once you stop recording a Skype call, the call is automatically saved on the Skype platform.  Check on the profile, you will see the Skype call listed in the chat window. Click on the video to view the video or listen to the audio again. This is stored for 30 days before it is deleted off the Skype cloud storage.

    How To Download A Skype Call Record on Windows

    As mentioned earlier, Skype calls are saved for just 30 days on the Skype platform. This means that if you need to view or listen to that file after 30 days, you have to download and store it on your computer. This works best on the Desktop version of Skype.

    Step 1 Click the ‘three dots for More Options’ at the upper right side on your screen. To will see other options of what to do with the file.

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Save to Downloads’ and ‘Save As’ to save in a location on your system. Skype calls both audio and video are saved as MP4 files on your computer.

    How To Share Skype Call Records on Windows and Linus

    Step 1 There is also the option to share your Skype call records to other people on your contact list. Click on the three dots option for more options.

    Step 2 Click on the ‘Forward’ option. Pick the contact on your list you want to send the file to and click on ‘Send’.

    How To Delete Skype Call Records

    Step 1: Click on the three dots option for more options. Click on the ‘Remove’ option there.

    How To Record Skype Calls On iPhone and Android Devices

    The process of recording Skype calls on iPhone and android devices is the same as that of Windows. Please Scroll a little bit to check the entire process again.

    How to Download Skype Calls on IPhone and Android Devices

    download skype call
    click on save

    The process of downloading Skype calls on IPhone and Android devices is slightly different from that of Windows. Click on the call file and hold on for a couple of seconds. Click on the ‘Save’ option from the menu. It will download and save a copy of your file on your device. To share the file to your contact list, pick ‘Forward’ from the options and tap on the contact profile to share the file.

    How to Record A Skype Call Without The Other Party Knowing

    Normally, when you start recording a Skype call, the party at the other end is put on notice that the call is being recorded. This is a requirement provided by the law. It is possible to record a Skype call without the knowledge of the other party.

    Have it at the back of your mind that it is not legal to do this. You will need third party software to recor your screen device while the call is ongoing.. Some of the third party software you can use include Acethinker for IPhone and Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Android devices.