Why Are Some Of My Uploads Not Showing On My YouTube Channel

    As you know, YouTube is currently the top video sharing website for both entertainment and business purposes. A lot of people earn full income directly and indirectly from their YouTube. While some others are working towards it. If you are one of those generating income from YouTube, you can agree with me that finding out that your videos uploads are not showing on your channel can be frustrating. Com’on, after going through the stress of creating your video, it is only right that the people you created the video for, get to see if. If you are having an issue of your video uploads not showing on your YouTube, don’t freak out. There are a couple of things you can do right now to remedy the situation.

    Youtube upload issues

    Check The Privacy Settings Of Your Uploads

    One of the main reasons why your videos uploads are not showing on your Channel could be because your video privacy setting is set to ‘private’. When you set any of your videos to private, it means the video isn’t available for the public. To correct this, you need to change the viewing option from private to public. To do change your viewing settings from private to public, follow the steps below.

    • Go to your YouTube channel page. On the top left side of your page, you will find your username, click on it.
    • From the options listed, find ‘Uploaded Videos’. This is simply a list of videos you have uploaded so far on your channel.
    • Find the video that is not showing from your list of videos. Select the ‘Edit’ option from the options available.
    • You will see a new list of options to edit in your video. Find the ‘Broadcasting and Sharing Option’ and click ‘Public’. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ option to save your settings. YouTube videos should be visible. This option will most likely solve the issue, but if it doesn’t you can try other options below.

    Change The Arrangement of Home Page Videos

    One of the unique features of a YouTube channel is that some of your video uploads are shown as featured images on your Channel’s home page. These are the videos new visitors to your channel get to see. That includes a featured video which is the video that gets to play automatically once someone opens your YouTube channel. You can rearrange this setting to show your favorite uploads. To do this, follow the steps below.

    • Go to your YouTube channel’s home page. Find the ‘Upload’ option.
    • From the new options, click on ‘Switch to grid View’. 
    • Finally, select ‘Arrange Uploads’. Find the top videos you want to show on your home page, drag and drop them into the window. You can arrange your top 6 or top 12 videos in this way.

    Use The YouTube’s Help Forum

    If you have tried the two options mentioned above and your video uploads still aren’t showing, your next option is to try to reach out to the YouTube help forum. It is a forum where channel owners get to ask questions and get answers to issues that have to do with running a YouTube channel. You should be able to find the right answer on the platform to help resolve the issue. To

    • On the left side of the bottom page, click on the ‘Help’ option.
    • Type in the question into the provided box and click on ‘Search Help’.


    Finally, before you apply any of these tips, go to the ‘Videos’ option on your channel and click on the video to ensure it is playing properly from your end. These tips should help you fix the issue in no time.