Mother Nature Is Absolutely Glorious, No Matter Her Form

    Nature continues to inspire, generate wonder and often respect. Her beauty, danger and absolute intrigue dominate the world we live in. Love her, hate her or best yet – fear her – and we will all be in a better position to continue to enjoy her bounty for eons to come. Challenge her to the extreme, and mankind will ultimately lose the battle.

    Goats and their favorite Argania tree nuts

    Goats are incredibly agile, climbing great heights to get to tasty snacks. They are no different in Morocco, where they pursue the nuts of the Argania tree to satisfy their appetites. Even though goats are incredibly sure-footed, their escapades on high cliffs and narrow ledges and thin tree branches remains awe-inspiring.

    The Milky Way and mythology meet

    The Milky Way has long intrigued its viewers with its beauty and appearance of the night sky pouring out its abundance of milky stars across the heavens. This image captured of the Milky Way is no different, with the Egyptians maintaining that this part of the celestial delights is Bat, the cow goddess, pouring its milk out into the heavens.

    Who knew baby elephants can throw tantrums too?

    It doesn’t matter what species an animal originates from a baby remains a baby. When they’re tired – they become irritated. This is no different with this baby elephant throwing a tantrum by flinging himself into the mud. Cute to watch but probably not so much for the adults looking on.