Moms getting out of hand on social media

    When we get that dreaded friend request on social media from our Moms, our first instinct is to press decline, and not without good reason. Moms know all of our deepest, darkest secrets, which we try as best as we can to cover up on our online profiles. When we finally cave and press accept, it often comes along with a lot of regret. It seems as though as soon as click that ‘Add Friend’ button, Moms go rogue in their posting, commenting and hashtagging. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy screenshots of Moms on social media.

    Sneaky Mr Pigums

    This guy was honestly just trying to be a thug, and then his Mom had to come along and ruin it all! This was probably his ‘Big Haircut’ debut picture, with his shirt and pose carefully chosen for the occasion, with a gaze that is somewhat between whimsical and tough. Just as he thought he had nailed it, his Mom had to point out his cute, fluffy teddy-bear, perched on the shelves in the corner. She even announced to this guy’s friends that the teddy, in fact, has an even more adorable name: Mr Pigums. Talk about embarrassing!