Latest updates for Coronavirus in Europe

    Late 2019, the worst fears of some became a reality when the COVID-19 (colloquially known as Coronavirus) broke out in China. Since then, it has spread globally and cases have been reported in almost all continents except for Antarctica for now. Many different cases have been reported in Europe, which makes up the total number of 93,000 that authorities are aware of globally. Unfortunately, this virus has claimed numerous lives in Europe and it can continue affecting more people because it currently has no vaccine. 

    Italy has borne the full brunt of this lethal virus and it keeps on finding ways to go right across the border and infect citizens of other countries. The worst part about this virus is that little is known about it, especially in terms of how others get infections, the severity of the infection and other characteristics. The ECDC reported that COVID-19 is very concerning because not much is known on how to treat it. 

    Although this organization claims to be closely monitoring the outbreak and providing risk assessments to the EU commission and its member states, there is no telling what could follow. The ECDC also reports that it gives the abovementioned stakeholders reports on the response activities they are currently carrying out across Europe.

    The rise of this scourge in Italy

    Italy has been the one that got hit the most in Europe and has had an alarmingly rising death toll. According to an update that was released by CNN, Italy has had 2,502 cases that were reported which resulted in 79 deaths. That is very concerning up to the extent that Italian schools and universities have been closed due to the risk of more citizens being infected. 

    It all started on January 31, 2020, and as time went on there more than 1,000 cases reported. Just before you knew it, the number doubled which brought the number of reported cases up to 2,502. The area with the most cases reported and the highest death toll is Lombardy, where the outbreak began in this country. Emilia Romagna follows Lombardy with the second-highest cases reported and death toll. Lombardy sits at more than 1,500 cases reported and a death toll of 55 while Emilia Romagna has seen 335 incidents and 18 deaths.