No Endgame for the Spidey: Why He Is The Best Avenger Ever

    Comic lovers will forever be at odds about who the greatest avenger is. Many superhero fans became fans due to the Marvel Comic Universe movies and the recent success that they had. However, hardcore comic fans who have been following these heroes for years will undoubtedly tell you that Spiderman is the undisputed champion.

    It is only since Hollywood stepped into the rink that the second-tier heroes have gotten an unfair share of the spotlight. Guys like Thor, Iron man and the gang from Guardians of the Galaxy never made such a great impression on the comic fans of old. Spider-man has been the face of Marvel for decades and just because he hasn’t enjoyed that much Hollywood success, doesn’t mean that he is not the greatest Avenger.

    What makes him the greatest Avenge is not the Gross income he generated at the box office, but rather what he stands for and where he began. There are many parallels that can be drawn between Marvel and DC, but Spiderman is unique and doesn’t have an equal in the DC universe, although he does have some similarities to Superman.

    Spiderman was orphaned when he was young. He was the nerd that nobody cared about, but by fate received his power through a fortunate accident. Only after tragedy struck did he realize his responsibility. However, that doesn’t make him the greatest avenger either. Rather it is his personality and his humanness that makes him the greatest of them all.

    Even Captain America said that when he grew up, he would be the greatest of them all. Now, if the Cap says that, it has to be true. Of all the Marvel characters, Spiderman is the one that most people can relate to. Although he isn’t the strongest, he has the most heart and never-say-die attitude, with an innocent the want for justice.