The Amazing Impact of Smartphones on Business

Before the smartphone, business owners had to reply on beepers, phone calls, and their own personal laptops to perform many necessary aspects of work. Since the inception of the smartphone, the world of business has been entirely transformed. No longer are employers tied down to a single office.

They can perform business while travelling on a train or even in an exotic location–provided they have cell reception, of course. This is just one of the many ways that smartphones have impacted the business world. Here are four others.

Smartphone Apps for Commerce

One of the strongest features of smartphones is their use of applications or apps. These little programs help customers check up on their favourite stores and services with a simple push of a button.

Businesses have also used apps to help themselves market, use accounting services, and easily check stocks to determine investment opportunities at a drop of a hat. More information and easy access have greatly profited businesses.

Business Text Messaging

With the popularity of the smartphone also came the preferred use of texting over phone calls. Texting has allowed people to passively communicate on their own terms.

It has also allowed businesses to utilize business text messaging between their stores and their customers. Almost 90% of customers prefer to engage with a business via text messaging than other methods.

Not every customer likes to have an in-person conversation. Texting makes the experience far more convenient for them and has benefited businesses also by improving their customer relationships.

Accessibility in New Markets

Another aspect where smartphones have impacted businesses in a huge way is allowing them to easily access new markets. Nowadays, a savvy business can even find customers in third-world countries where they might not have been able to make a profit before.

Smartphones have increased connectivity. With phone plans making phones themselves quite cheap, practically everyone has one regardless of what country they’re in.

With applications designed to translate, language barriers are broken down and businesses can sell their products in non-native speaking countries.

Increased Attention to Social Networks

Many businesses have wisely used social media as a means to expand their advertising and marketing with little cost. Social media remains a strong avenue for businesses to reach their customers and inform them of sales and promotions that can bring customers to their doors or to their website. It’s also a great way to keep them informed about any new product lines or services that the business is developing.

There is also the customer interaction part to consider. Customers can interact with representatives directly and have their needs and concerns met in real-time. This wasn’t always possible before smartphones and their close relationship with social media.

Smartphones have utterly changed the way people function in today’s society. It has created an environment of connectivity and easy access to information. For businesses, it has allowed them to forge stronger customer relationships and new chances to enter into new markets.