How To Buy A Smartphone: The Definitive Guide (2019 Update).

    How do you buy a smartphone in 2019? We’re talking specifically here about smartphones. We are all aware on how smartphones are so diverse these days, it could take you forever trying to decide which phone to buy and that’s why there are so many tech YouTubers and tech videos on YouTube to help you with that.

    Since we have now agreed that it’s quite hard and time-consuming to decide what phone to buy and how to buy a smartphone. Let talk more about the variations of phones.

    We have phones all the way on the cheapest end for under $200 all the way up to over a $1000 with taxes and cases for the iPhone X on the premium end. Also, there are the phones that are in between and there are just so many options like how do you really decide.

    What to consider when buying a smartphone.

    1) IOS or Android.

    The first thing you need to decide on how to buy a phone is to answer the question “whether you want to use an Android or iOS.” This might sound pretty common sense but really what you want to think about is do you want to customize, do you really want to dig into your phone and have a robust file system then you definitely want Android.

    Also if your aim is to have more freedom feeling phone, if only you feel like you can tweak and do whatever you want at your own risks then you should definitely consider an android phone.

    However, if you want a very secure operating system that you know you could count on each and every day that is going to be very fast, fluid and reliable then you want to really take a look at IOS. You just want to stay away from Android.

    If you’re the type of person who wants a more simple phone to use. In my opinion, you should either look at the Google Pixel series or the iPhone, these two are the most simple phones that you can buy right now.

    2) Price.

    The second thing you want to consider when you want to get your next smartphone is the price. Here, we are talking about value for price. Now you don’t just look at a premium smartphone and think like oh I don’t need that type of phone when you might just need that much phone.

    This depends, however, if you’re a person who has a laptop and a tablet and are both powerful enough for your needs then you might not actually need a $1000 smartphone to do everything. It is worthy to point out that a lot of people will buy an iPhone X and also buy a Galaxy S8 a just for a fashion statement or just to have the best in their pocket.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when we’re talking about value for money, do you really need that? Well again, in my personal opinion, I would say if you have a strong and durable laptop you don’t really do.

    If you are the type that doesn’t really use your phone for all your work-related stuff, you don’t use your phone for all your photography or you don’t use your phone for stuff that can really bring you back the money out of the phone then you might want to consider a phone in the range of $500 – $700.

    3) Size.


    Next up on how to buy a smartphone, after you consider the ecosystem and price for value, is the size. Without a doubt, there are a ton of big phones as well as smaller phones. But you want to consider how big is your hand before you buy a new smartphone.

    Now, if you have really small hands you definitely want to take a look at the iPhone SE. It’s one of the only phones on the market that rocks well with small hands, also you could take a look at the Sony’s XE compact series which is also a nice phone and it got a wide-angle camera.

    However, if your choice is larger devices, you should definitely take a look at what Samsung has to offer in the S9 or the S8. These phones are really putting up a nice big screen and an almost a perfect form factor small body just like the Pixel 2. You could see it has big bezels but it’s about the same size as the Galaxy S8 or the LG G6, for example,  a small body but a big screen just like the iPhone X.

    You have to decide on the size. Do you want a big screen or a small screen? If you want something that’s not as small as an iPhone SE our XE compact, take a look at the Pixel 2 or the iPhone 8 these two are some of the best you can get in the small size phones

    4) Carrier.

    The big four

    When deciding on how to buy a smartphone, you want to decide whether you are going to be using your smartphone with a carrier or you will be using it with prepaid.  The prepaid route is, in my own opinion, the best route to take because I don’t like having ties to anyone. I like being able to buy a phone whenever and put my sim card anytime.

    That might change in the future because sometimes you can’t get the latest iPhone unless you’re with a carrier but for now I’m going prepaid and I kind of recommend it if you do want that freedom feeling like you’re not tied to anybody because when you get into these contracts and carrier plans which might seem to incentivize like oh well we’re gonna give you this much off but at the same time, over time you actually pay more for the phone than you would initially.

    Now T-mobile doesn’t do contracts anymore so they’re one that’s an exception here. But some of the other ones I would just stay away from personally.


    5) Phone Features.


    After that, let’s take a look at the features that matter the most to you. Do you want a great camera, great battery life or do you want a great screen? Most of the phones you will be seeing will offer those things in one package but don’t discount older phones because older phones have great cameras as well.

    Like the S7 Edge, it still has a dual pixel AF camera, although it might be a little bit older looking than the newer phones, you’re going to get a similar camera as the newer phones. You can actually get a good camera on a one to two-year-old flagship. If you are in the market for great battery life, I definitely want to recommend Samsung’s devices I think they get better battery life right now than the iOS side.

    In this guide on how to buy a smartphone, we will use the Note 8 for example of older phones that still offers premium value. The phone could keep going and going. Pixel series also does very well with the optimizations to Android 8.1. If you care a lot about software updates, you should pick the IOS, go with basically any iPhone it’s going to work well.

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    6) New Phone or Used Phone.

    Next up you need to ask yourself whether you need a used phone or a new phone. Just because phones become obsolete in terms of the media marketing that doesn’t mean that the hardware is obsolete. I could pick up an S7 edge to this day and feel like wow this phone feels just as nice as an iPhone X.

    It feels just as nice as an iPhone 8, Galaxy S8. I mean this is a stunning smartphone despite being two years old. You take a look at the edge and it is very beautiful and the S7 edge was like $600 less than all these newer phones. So just because a phone gets old and what you’re going to pay for it goes down doesn’t make it obsolete, they build these phones to last and they do last.

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    You just don’t see them in the news anymore after the hype because in technology it continuously goes forward and it goes forward very rapidly as you’ve been seeing lately in the past year or so.

    And if you’re going through the used route I do want to recommend you consider factory refurbished. So if you’re looking for a refurbished model, look for factory refurbished. What this means is that somebody bought the phone, there was an issue with it they took it back to the factory, Google for example, where the phone will be restored to brand new factory condition and you’re basically getting a new phone for less money.

    So the factory-refurbished is a great way to go. On the other hand, if you want to buy used from the buyer directly. you’re basically paying less money than a factory refurbished but you’re not sure how many battery cycles are on that phone or if there’s scratches or anything issue that could be a problem with used.

    You really need to trust the seller. I recommend you guys check out eBay but make sure when you’re on eBay to look at these sellers rating, make sure they have at least over a hundred sells and they have over five stars in their last few months and they’ve been doing really well make sure that’s on point and then you should definitely get a great phone.

    7) Underdogs Options.

    One of the best ways on how to buy a smartphone is to look at the underdog’s options. This is going to save you a lot of money here in 2019. Take for example the LG G6. Of course, you’re not going to get your money back that much out of the device but you could find this phone at under $300. Do you believe that?

    When you compare the LG G6 and the iPhone X side by side, you will notice some similarities between them such as the dual cameras, similar size form factor and both have screens that are really nice in a small body and you’re going to get that for less than most of these premium phones.

    Just because LG is not a popular brand anymore and they’re just not competing in the marketing with Samsung and Apple but doesn’t mean they’re not making equally as great phones they pretty much are.

    You know LG v30 is also plummeting in value so you can get an LG phone for much less money and you’re going to get a similar experience so consider that underdog brands even Oneplus for example.

    That’s it. Your definitive guide on how to buy a smartphone in 2019. That’s how I would recommend you buy a smartphone in 2019.