How To Fix Earbuds That Work On One Side With Ease

    Earbuds are meant to give quality hands-free audio time. For most people like myself, earbuds are a very important daily gadget. If you are one such person who can’t do without earbuds, then you will understand how frustrating it is to discover that one side of your earbuds isn’t working. Someone people just discard earbuds once one side develops an issue and purchase a new pair. To make it worse, most local repairs shops don’t handle earbuds repairs. So most people are left with the option of getting a new pair. But the question is, for how long will you continue to change your earbuds? Especially if it is a pricey pair. 

    fix earbuds

    Do you know that you can fix those earbuds issues yourself? It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to fix earbuds that work on one side or have other minor issues. This skill comes in handy especially knowing that most earbuds are not built to last. After constant usage, the cable on the earbuds begins to weaken and can break especially if the earbuds are an inferior pair that comes with not so strong cables connecting to the jack plug. 

    This post is all about identifying some common problems that can cause one side of an earbud to stop working and easy ways to fix the problem. 

    Common Earbuds Fault That Can Cause Minor Faults

    Broken Cables Issues

    This is one of the common causes of most earphone faults. A tiny cable built into your earphone. The cable is quite flexible like a wire but can break as a result of excessive use over time or careless handling. If you become a little more conscious and careful the way you handle the cable on your earphones, it can prevent faults. And also make your pair to last longer. The best way to handle the cable is to ensure you don’t form a knot. Also, don’t dangle your pair unnecessary and avoid folding. 

    Broken Jacks 

    Another issue that can cause faults is broken jacks. This happens most times if you don’t handle your earbuds with care. Although this fault is not as common as the broken cable issue. 

    These are some of the common faults earbuds can develop. You can fix any of these faults. But if it is a broken earbud, then it is best to discard the pair and make an arrangement to get another pair. 

    Items You Need To Fix A Faulty Earbud

    Before going into the process of fixing an earbud, you need to know the materials you need to do this. You need the following

    • A wire cutter or razor if a wire cutter isn’t handy
    • A new jack plug
    • Lighter or a matchbox
    • Solder and a soldering iron (Buy on Amazon)
    • The earbud you want to fix. 

    How To Fix Earbuds That Work On One Side

    Follow the steps below to fix your faulty earbuds and make it as good as new. 

    Step 1. Ensure you have all the items ready on a table and you are sitting in a comfortable position because this may take a little time. 

    Step 2. Cut through the jack with the wire cutter or razor. You can even use a penknife if you don’t have a wire cutter or razor handy. Ensure you cut the point closest to the point where the wire is attached to the metal jack. This will ensure you get the right length. 

    Step 3. First, you have to be careful when executing this step because of the delicate nature of earbud cables. Separate the wires with a razor while you insulate the headphone cord. 

    Step 4. Carefully find and remove the insulation out from two of the wires. The next step is to expose at least ¼ inches of wire. Note that the copper wire is the uninsulated wire. 

    Step 5. Expose the wires towards the tip of the battery to you check your headphone. There will be pop-pop sound from the side of the earbud that is still functional. Try as much as you can not to touch the wires exposed on the battery because it could damage the speakers. 

    Step 6. Use your solder and soldering iron to solder the wires together. The soldering process involves adding a little solder to each wire and using the soldering iron to melt and join the wire together. The process is usually known as the tinning process. 

    Step 7. Gently slide the jacket back to cover the soldered wires. Plug your earbuds to your device to see if the two sides are working. If you got the process well, both sides should work. 

    Tips on How To Take Care of Your Earbuds To Make Them Last Longer

    Always Go For Quality

    Most high-quality earbuds are quite pricey but a good quality earbud will last longer for you than the cheap inferior ones. The good thing about quality earbuds is that the wiring is much stronger. That means that you won’t have to deal with a faulty cable or wire in a while. If you add up the money you use to replace cheap broken earbuds over time, it can get you a good quality one and some change. Therefore, add that extra dollars and buy something you can comfortably use for a long time. Check out high-quality earbuds on Amazon

    Regular Clean-up Helps

    As you continue to use your earbuds, dirt and earwax may build up inside the plugs. This reduces the sound quality drastically over times and moreover, it is not good for your health. Using dirty earbuds can lead to an ear infection especially if you allow others to use the same earbuds. One way to prevent this is to ensure that you clean your earbuds regularly. This post outlines the process of how to clean your earbuds. 

    Always Handle The Cable Carefully

    It was mentioned earlier that a damaged cable is one of the common faults in an earbud. And happens when the cable attached to the earbud is not handled carefully. For instance, some people tend to pull the cord tightly. It’s not the way it should be done because it can lead to a major or minor fault from breaking the wires. The right way to do it is to gently loop the cord around your hand, pull your hand and wrap the remaining in the cable center and tie the loop together. Remember to leave some space while wrapping the cord around your hand. Check out this video on the proper way to do it. 

    With the steps above, you should be able to fix a faulty earbud in no time. Remember to carry out a test before you start the repairs process. This is because most times, the fault may not be from the earphones. Try to use your earbuds with another device first. If it works fine in a couple of devices, that means it is a jack issue and not a faulty headphone.