How To Find Out If Someone Died

Find a Person’s Date of Death

There are several occasions in which you need to find out if someone died. For instance, if you are trying to settle up probate, you will need to know the date of death of the deceased. It is also needed in a situation where there is a need to trace your family tree. Finding the date of death of someone that died a long time ago may not be an easy task. That is because the systems we have in place now were not obtainable back then.

But in a situation where you need to find the date of death of someone that died not so long ago, there are some ways to find out. Thankfully, with the help of the internet, you can find this information online.

How To Find If Someone Died

Step 1: Get the Necessary Information

The first step is to gather all the information on the deceased. You will need the info to search. The basic information you need is the deceased’s name. That is full names.

Step 2: Visit the First Search Resource

The first search resource you can use to find out a person’s date of death online is the US Social security Index Database (SSID). The SSDI is a site that contains details of people that have been assigned a social security number. That includes the date of birth and date of deaths.

The site contains the details of over 90 million people. Visit the platform and type in the full names of the deceased person you are searching for. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost anything to search on the said platform.

Step 3: Visit the Second Online Resource
Another online platform to use is the Genealogy website. The website simply compiles the details of the date of death of USA citizens and people from other international counties. You use it to get the details and date of death of a deceased person. To access this platform, you need to create an account but it is free to use the platform. Enter the deceased’s full names and wait for results.
Other Resources TO Use To Find A Person’s Date of Death

Who Can Get A Copy Of A Death Certificate

The relatives of a deceased person can apply for and get a copy of a death certificate. If the person needs it immediately after the burial, it can be collected from the funeral home.

The process of searching for someone’s date of death for free online has been explained. It is good to mention that when carrying out your search, it is best to ensure you enter the details correctly. If not, it may affect the results you will get from the database.