Craziest things to ever appeared in the news

She didn’t see the job offering coming 

This girl was arrested, but after seeing her mugshot people started asking her for makeup tutorial. Like the good old sayin’, you never know where the opportunities will come from. 

I find it even more funny because people completely ignored the fact she got arrested. As long as she can make up, that’s enough

Its not a scene from a Disney movie, or net even Hitchcock’s one

What evil crazy thought are going on in those seagulls minds?? Why the hell attacking those two innocent helpless human beings? Maybe they are revenging for all what we do to nature? Anyway, I cant even imagine what I was doing if I was them

When smart technology meets gen Y. The result? Hilarious.

Androids typing suggestion was originally designed to help us and to save time. When many people writes the same sentences, the software recognizes it as a wide use one and enters it to her auto suggestions pool. What then did the Android younger users? Used it exactly as the creators wanted to. They wrote more and more “sit on my face” till the phone starts suggesting “my face” as the completion of “sit on”. Mission accomplished. Good job spending your time on that ☺ ☺

Only in Russia.

Russia is well-known for the way they treat the LGBT community. I would describe it in this way – they just don’t. They lock them in prison for doing it publicly. But what would you do if they do it IN prison?? In this article, the Russians are trying to find a “cause” for being gay. And what is better to blame than yoga classes? Those inhale-exhale-stretch-connect to your body- kind of exercise. Totally facepalm

What what what what what ??

the kind of headlines that leaves you with more questions than answers. HOW DID THEY DO IT TILL NOW ?? 

I don’t think they I can even imagine. Was it in the backdoor… ? sorry, sorry.

You gotta love scientists.

They are tough, they don’t give up, and they will find answers to all universe biggest mysteries. Like this one, riiiiight. But I must wonder, how did they examine this? Did they find some volunteers, gave them to drink, then a reason to fight over and watched them beyond the one-way glass taking notes? 

And why the hell did someone wanted to give this thing a scientific proof??

We are definitely living in the PC era.

And one of the things happening, is, well, mistakes. So this woman was trying to blame someone for sharing his opinion. Instead of giving a real and relevant comment, she attacked his position. This time its his color. Lets just stop with it ok? Even if we are mad and in the middle of an argument, lets just answer to the point and not to the person.

Applause to this ambitious and creative entrepreneur!

Why people are not liking it? Because of what Escobar the person was doing? Common, its just a name, and a funny one! We all know that one’s got a permission to cross many red lines in order to be funny. Unless all we got was slip jokes. Oh no I actually imagined it.

What year is it??

Wow, what a chain of mistakes let this happened, and how many people lost their jobs? I wonder.
But if I can guess correctly, they were all 18 years old, celebrating life, no worries. So those award winning girls were probably very happy with the winning. Later in life they’ll probably remember it in other ways.
What do you think of this one?asd

This is what I call humor!

And what I like the most about it, is the unexpected place it came from, and the sophistication! Doctor, you cant see, but im standing right now and applauding for you. Wow. Doctor always had a unique and fine sense of humor.

The moral of the story children – don’t run a survey when the consequences can be hard.

I guess Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin didn’t know that, and this is the reason why his name now is Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. Oh boy.internet – you are funny.

No, that’s just cant be right.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. Someone misunderstand something. Some information got lost on the waty, I don’t know. I cant really believe the Nat Geo officially explained to a person they just hired his job like this. Can you imagine the interview?

Jeff: So what will I do?

Net Geo: just look important and fascinated.

J: Whaaaaaat?

Net: oh yeah and do it professionally.

J: ok …. I guess.

N: done, than it’s yours! Let’s shake hands.

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