You Can Now Control Your iPhone With Your Eyes.

We are already used to the idea of controlling smartphones with our fingers. The fingers serve as the traditional means of interaction between the users and the phone. But on the look of things, it seems that is about to change.

The latest technology advancement from Hawkeye Labs has made it possible to control phones with our eyes. Hawkeye Access is the app that takes the ease of operating IOS devices to a whole new different level, the app lets you control things on the phone display with eyes and face movement. This is not a myth, this is fact.

The app is targeted at those with physical limitations or those who cannot use their iPhone with their hands at the moment.

Video Demonstration.

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Basically, the Hawkey Access allows you to launch sites like Facebook, Youtube and Google within the app. There are future plans already to allow you to control apps with just your eyes.

Setting up the app is simple and straightforward, it involves you looking at a few blue dots on your screen and then you select the selection mode of your choice. The selection modes available are blink, smile and stare. Whichever you pick will be the mode with which you select an object on the screen.

There are further customization options where you can select the sensitivity adjustments.


Hawkeye Access is the work of Apple WWDC student scholar, Matt Moss, who is also the top manager of Hawkeye Labs. He conceived the idea after attending the last year Apple programmer’s event and focused on the ability to use the iPhone to track eye movement.

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The technology behind hawkeye access is limited in the sense that, it works only inside a specific app, but with access to the internet by a browser and to other services. Although, there’s a Hawkeye Access SDK for developers to add eye control to their support to their apps.

Also, the Hawkeye Access works only (for now) on devices with the TrueDepth camera. This implies that Hawkeye Access is limited to iPhones, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR to be specific. But with the rate of advancement in the technology world, it shouldn’t take long before Hawkeye Access is available to other operating platforms.

You can download the app from the Apple app store or HERE

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