How To Clean Earbuds With or Without Water

    How To Clean Earbuds

    When it comes to having a maximum hands free audio experience, earbuds come in handy. It makes sense that you always want to have your earbuds with you everywhere. In as much as you are having the time of your life making use of your earbuds, you need to be conscious of keeping it clean because dirty earbuds reduce user experience and are also detrimental to your health. The truth is that cleaning your pair of earbuds can be tricky but it is something you can learn to do. This post outlines the process of how to clean earbuds either with or without soap.


    Can Earbuds Cause Ear Infections?

    Yes. Leaving your earbuds dirty can cause ear infections. This is because you insert your earbuds inside your ears and this can bring in additional bacteria or dirty into your inner ear canal. And this can lead to ear infections if left unchecked.

    Why You Should Not Share Your Earbuds

    Sharing your earbuds is not a healthy thing to do. This is because when you put your earbuds in your ear, it generates heat. This heat tends to melt the ear wax and some of it gets onto the earbuds. When you make use of someone else’s earbuds, you will most likely be mixing your ear wax with the person’s and it is not healthy for your ear.

    What You Need To Clean Your Earbuds

    To clean your earbuds, you need the following items

    • Cleaning toothbrush
    • A mild washing soap
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Cotton swaps
    • Alcohol

    How To Clean Your Earbuds Without Water and Soap

    Use Alcohol

    Using Alcohol is the best way to clean your earbuds. You can use it to clean the delicate part of your earbuds like the wires and casings. All you have to do is to get your cotton swap, pour some alcohol on it. Allow it to dry a little and use it to carefully clean your earbuds. Try to avoid the actual grilles when cleaning with alcohol. This is to avoid alcohol dripping into your earbuds and also to avoid cotton strands on the metal filters.

    Use Adhesive

    Another option to clean your earbuds without water is to use adhesive. A good option is to use a dry adhesive putty to clean the sensitive parts of your earbuds. When doing the actual cleaning, you will have to hold the putty in a way that you can press it the mesh grille of your earbud. It should be able to trap and remove any wax and dirt.

    Use Toothbrush

    You can use your spare toothbrush to clean your earbuds. It is the best dry cleaning method for your device. When doing the actual cleaning, ensure you do so gently in a circular motion to the dirt getting trapped into the grille. Ensure the mesh is facing down when cleaning to ensure the debris fall. After cleaning, ensure you throw the toothbrush away or sanitize for future cleaning.

    How To Clean Your Earbuds With Water and Soap

    It is not advisable for your earbuds with water and soap. This is because water can seep into the buds and damage the innards. But if you want to use water and soap to clean your device, get a small bowl of warm water and add some liquid detergent or hand soap. Dip a clean microfiber cloth or cotton into the water wring out excess water and use it to clean your earbuds. Be careful when cleaning with water because it can damage you’re your buds. Ensure water drops don’t get into the buds while cleaning. When you are done cleaning, place the earbuds in an airy place for a couple of hours to dry.

    How To Clean The Silicone Covers on Your Earbuds

    Some quite expensive earbuds come with silicone covers. To clean the silicone covers, remove them and put them into a warm water and soap solution. Use a microfiber cloth or cotton to remove the debris. Rinse off and leave in a dry place to dry.

    Cleaning Your Earbuds in 7 Easy Steps

    Step 1. Unplug your earbuds and ascertain the level of dirt on it.

    Step 2. Remove the silicon if your earbuds have any and place into a warm soapy water solution.

    Step 3. Use a toothbrush to brush your earbuds to remove the dry dirt. Hold the mesh down to ensure the dirt falls out not in.

    Step 4. Take a microfiber or cotton cloth, dip into alcohol, squeeze out excess liquid, and carefully use it to clean your earbuds.

    Step 5. Keep in an airy place for a couple of hours to dry before you use it. Remember not to use perfume or water to clean the earbuds because it will cause more damage at the end.