Cheap Tech Gadgets: Best Tech Under $25

    There is a sort of stereotype that goes around that tech gadgets are the most expensive stuff you can get on the market. Anyway, that is wrong and that’s why we have to dig deep and did thorough research on the best cheap tech gadgets you can buy on the market.

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    1) Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0


    Kicking us off we have the Mpowerd Lucie outdoor 2.0. The nice weather is finally upon us and as you start to plan your camping trips you may want to consider adding this super lightweight collapsible lamp to your gear kit. It’s inflatable and completely solar-powered so no matter how far off the grid your adventure takes you, so long as you have some light during the day you’ve got the light you need at night.

    Furthermore, the Luci outdoor 2.0 has four modes, that is, low, bright, super bright and one second flashing. It also has an adjustable strap on the bottom making it easy to attach inside a tent or on a small tree branch. The best part is just how seriously compact it is, the slam collapses down to just one inch in height and weighs under five ounces.

    Naturally, when you’re exploring the outdoors every single inch of space counts and the Luci outdoor 2.0 adds about as little burden to your pack as humanly possible. The Luci outdoor 2.0 sells for just fifteen dollars and I expect it will become an important companion to many of you in the coming months.

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    Now that we’ve covered practical lights for the outdoors I want to show you some more fun lights for inside your home which brings us to number 2.

    2) WenTop Led Strip Lights Kit DC12V


    This kit is insanely simple to set up. It features a five-meter or roughly 16 and a half foot spool of adjustable LEDs which you can cut down to pretty much whatever lengths your project requires.

    The strip has one adhesive side but depending on the surface you may need to supplement that with some tape of your own. The included 44 key remote allows you to choose from a ton of colours that you can leave solid or set to breathe or flash between and they can get really bright.

    You’ll want to keep the infrared sensor within view of the remote but the power adapter and LEDs themselves can stay neatly tucked out of you so the only thing you really see when you’re done is the light itself bouncing off whatever’s around it. These strip lights are great at accenting a home theatre system, kitchen bar, computer desk, YouTube backdrop really anywhere where you want to draw extra attention and at $20 they’re one of the least expensive and most powerful ways to quickly transform a space.

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    3) Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug mini by TP-Link

    Basically, this plug is a way for you to turn just about anything into a smart device by letting you control power to it from anywhere with an internet connection. Setup is fairly straightforward, once you plug it in just download the Kasa app on your iOS or Android device, create an account and it’ll walk you through four or five steps that get acquainted with your home’s Wi-Fi.

    All in all, it took me about five minutes. Once that’s done you can pick from an assortment of images to represent the device as well as name it and the name is more than just for show. The Kasa smart Wi-Fi plug mini is compatible with Google home, Alexa and Microsoft Cortana so you can use simple voice commands to control it.

    One really cool feature is away mode, of course, like with most smart outlets you can schedule your devices to turn on and off at specific times. But with away mode you can set it to turn on and off intermittently over a certain period of time, this is really handy with lights when you’re out of town.

    By setting them to turn on and off throughout the evening, it’ll deter any Merridew wells from scoping your place out and trying anything nefarious. The Kasa smart Wi-Fi plug mini sells for $20 and it will cost you a lot less than a full-on smart bulb solution like Philips Hue and it’s a lot more versatile too.

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    4) Sony XB01 Bluetooth Compact Portable Speaker


    Next up we have the sony XB01 Bluetooth compact portable speaker. I can always appreciate a Bluetooth speaker that punches above its price range and this little speaker more than performs that job.

    It’s sleek, small and attractive and doesn’t look or feel cheap which is a common pitfall for budget Bluetooth speakers. It’s also splash proof so you can take this with you into the bathroom or on a day trip to the beach or river and you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

    Now you may probably be wondering how it fares as far as audio quality is concerned. It is a mono speaker and it’s exceptionally small as I’ve mentioned so you shouldn’t expect to be blown away by the max volume or bass but it definitely gets the job done and it can easily fill a modestly sized room.

    I try the max volume and it did start to distort somehow. I’d say the sound quality is primo at about 70 to 80% volume. The sony XB01 is the kind of speaker you’ll want to strap through a backpack or take with you to a hotel or Airbnb.

    It’s at its best when you’re just looking for decent audio in a convenient and portable package and at $23 it really is worth every penny.

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    5) Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh.


    Finally, we’ve got the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000. This is a combo portable battery and wall charger in one. It’s extremely handy while travelling, basically reducing the number of charges you have to carry around by at least one.

    As the name suggests, the PowerCore Fusion has a 5000mAh which for those of you who aren’t phone nerds that work out to about one and a half to two full charges of your average smartphone’s battery,

    It has two standard USB outlets that both charge at the same speed, do keep in mind neither of these is for fast charging so plan your day accordingly.

    The device itself charges via a micro-USB port and it takes about two-and-a-half hours for it to charge from empty. Most of the time, it’s not possible to charge a device and a power bank at the same time but Anker has built unique circuitry for this that intelligently charges your device first before going ahead and lending any power to the device itself.

    The Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh steps just above our budget at $26 but I’m blown away enough by the sheer convenience this offers to be happy to give it a spot on our list.

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