How To Charge A Laptop Charger Without Laptop

    A laptop is built in such a way that you get to charge the laptop battery with the laptop. What happens in a situation where your laptop’s charging port goes bad and your battery is low? When such happens, you need to improvise and find ways to charge your laptop charger manually. Thankfully, there are several ways you can charge a laptop charger without a laptop. You can use any of these alternative charging methods to charge laptop battery pending when you repair the power port. 

    How To Charge A Laptop Charger Without Laptop

    • Charge With a Laptop Adapter
    • Make Use of Another Laptop To Charge
    • Charge With Solar Charger
    • Make Use of a USB Port
    • Charge With A Universal Adapter

    We are going to review each step in detail to give you an idea of how to go about it. 

    charge laptop without laptop

    1. Charge With A Laptop Adapter

    One of the best ways to charge your laptop battery without a battery is to make use of a laptop adapter. Most laptop batteries these days come with the adapter option. With the adapter, you can connect your laptop battery to the power port using the adapter port and charge the battery while using your laptop. If your battery doesn’t have the adapter, you can order for a laptop battery that has an adapter option to use pending when you repair your power port. If you are going to order for a new battery with an adapter, then you need to be careful to ensure you pick the right battery to fit your system. Always check the cell specification of the new battery to use it match with that of your current battery before you make your purchase. 

    1. Make Use of Another Laptop

    Another option is to use another laptop with a similar model with your laptop to charge the battery. That entails switching your laptop battery between your laptops and it’s not always cool. Especially in a situation where you have to move around with your laptop while you work. But in dare situations, you can make use of this method until you figure out how to repair the laptop’s power port. 

    1. Charge With Solar Charger

    There are solar charging kits that can be used to charge a laptop battery manually. The solar panel traps power from the sun (solar) and converts it to energy to charge a laptop battery and other devices. That will require you keeping the solar panel directly under the sun to absolve solar energy. Also, most solar kits come with chargers that you can plug directly to your laptop battery without making use of your laptop charger. It works best for laptop batteries with adapter options. 

    1. Make Use of A USB 

    Most new models of laptops come with the Type C USB option. You can use this type of USB to charge your laptop manually. Sadly, older versions of laptop don’t enough this luxury.

    1. Charge With A Universal Adapter

    It is not advisable to use this method unless in a situation where you have to do what you have to do. Also, know that your laptop battery may fail to last long in the long run if you use this method consistently. This is because universal adapters are not built to charge laptop batteries. It’s not all laptop models that you can charge using a universal Adapter. For instance, you can’t charge a MacBook using this method. You can buy the universal adapter from any of the electronics shops near you. There is also the option to order from Amazon. Before you make your purchase, ensure you check the specification of the universal adapter to ensure it fits your laptop. 

    What Happens When Your Laptop Battery Is Non-Removable

    In recent times, most laptop models are built with non-removable batteries. That means that such a laptop battery can only be removed and detached by a professional. If your laptop falls under this category, the only option to charge your laptop battery is using a universal adapter. But I will strongly advise against using a universal adapter to charge any laptop as stated earlier. So, the only reasonable option in this situation is to send your laptop to a technician as soon as you can for repairs. 

    Is There Any Minimum Battery Percentage Before A Laptop Battery Can Be Charged

    There is no stipulated minimum battery percentage for you to charge your battery. You can plug in your battery at your point you feel like, to charge. But to help your battery last longer, it is best not to charge it so often. Also, don’t allow your laptop battery to completely drain out before you charge the battery. 

    Tips To Help Your Charged Battery Last Longer

    In a situation where you have to resort to alternative means to charge your laptop battery, you can agree that there is a need to make the battery last longer. With the times below, you can manage your battery usage and extend the next charging time a little bit. 

    Avoid High-End Graphics Game: If there is one thing that can drain out a laptop’s battery in a short time, it is playing games. Especially high-end graphics games like 4k games. What it does is that it increases the temperature of your battery and this in turns drains out your battery faster. Try to avoid playing such games until you fix your laptop. 


    So far, the tips on how to charge your laptop battery without a laptop have been outlined in detail in this post. You can apply any of the methods to charge your battery until you get to fix the power port issue.