Businesses PROFIT from Coronavirus #12 may shock you!

    As bars, restaurants and businesses are ordered to close across the country, some companies are actually profiting from coronavirus fears.  These businesses are seeing huge spikes in revenue as the nation continues to panic. The new normal for families across the country includes self isolation.  That’s creating a new “Homebody Economy that is exploding!  Businesses that cater to staying at home are benefiting with big numbers as they see a huge spike in demand.  


    Amazon is one of the companies that is expected to benefit the most from the coronavirus pandemic.  As the largest virtual marketplace in America, more people are expected to order from the online retailer in the coming weeks and months.  When families are told not to leave their home, Amazon is one of easiest places to get products like toilet paper and hand sanitizer that has been flying off conventional store shelves.  The e-commerce giant can also get the products to customers quickly if they have Prime.  So families can continue to self isolate while meeting all of their shopping needs.


    Netflix is also also expected to take advantage of more people being at home.  Many in self isolation are choosing to binge watch series and movies as leaving home is no longer an option in many places across the country.  Social media is full of questions from people asking what program is worth watching to pass the time during the day and night.  Netflix may also be able to capitalize on the cancellation of film releases, concerts and other events that families rely on for entertainment.