Best Softwares To Improve Your Typing Speed Really Fast.


Typing speed is one of the important skills of any computer user from beginners to professionals. Emails messages, Facebook chats, Tweets, Google search are all carried out by the act of typing on the computers.

Since time is a  limited quantity, typing faster and better has become an integral skill to have as a computer user.  The era of advancing technology, which shows no signs of slowing down, has left us little chance but to abandon the traditional method of taking notes by pen and paper and shift focus to the age of keyboard to type both professional and personal notes.

Fun fact: Typing fast can save you 21 days per year. However, learning the skill of typing fast can prove to be an exhausting and perhaps frustrating adventure when trying for the first time.

But here is a consolation:  just like any other skill, you can dedicate out of your spare time to improve your typing speed, accuracy, and precision.

Whether you are a keyboard guru or not, a number of apps are available to help you improve your typing speed. These apps and games below are effective apps that test your skills with the keyboard.

Why Improving Your Typing Speed Matters

Before we delve into software that improves typing speed, let take a quick look at the reasons why it really matters to pay attention to your keyboard skills.  An almost endless list of benefit awaits one with a good typing skill although the world seems to be shifting focus by talking to machines like Siri, Alexa, Cortana for tasks that can be texted. Typing still remains an important skill and not just typing but with speed and accuracy.
Increasing your typing speed should be of concern to anyone with a computer. Below we highlight why it really matters to improve your typing skill.

Makes You More Productive.

Either at the workplace or home, everybody is trying to boost productivity, but how do you achieve that when your skills with the keyboard are subpar?
Having a great touch-typing ability will be of importance to you and your employers, that is why employers want to ensure their employees are well trained in that aspect due to the increase in productivity it could lead to. When it comes to typing, there are some browser extensions such as Grammarly that help to minimize errors.  But to really boost productivity, much of the work is from the typing skill of the writer.

Saves Time.

The obvious reason for typing fast is time-saving. Let’s say you average 20 WPM and you have a project of 5000 words to deliver. That will take you a little above 4hours to complete.
But when you improve your typing speed to a moderate 50 WPM, you will discover that nearly two and a half hour of your time per day is saved. Now calculate how long you will be saving in a week, month and even in a year.

Helps You Land That Dream Job.

How you type can be an indicator of your intelligence.  As harsh as that may sound, no employer anywhere in the world will consider a CV riddled with typos. You never can tell but your typing skill may be what can set you apart from other employees to land that your dream job.

5 Software To Improve Your Typing Speed

1) Typing Trainer

The typing trainer is a free online typing platform best suited for beginners.

Typing trainer improves typing speed with features like the step-by-step approach tutorials, motoric warm-up, and smart review even promising to learn core typing skills in four hours.

At the end of each lesson, you can assess your skills with a skill test to see if you need extra practice. Typing trainer includes a warm-up section where you build muscle memory and learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

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2) Ratatype 
Developing your keyboarding skills just got easier with ratatype, although it also focuses more on beginners aiming to improve their typing speed.
Keyboard ninja can as well hone their skills with the colourful and friendly online typing interface familiarizing users with basic keyboard exercise.
You get to see your progress in the profile page which makes it easier to know the areas to pay more attention. Groups can be created to compete with friends, coworkers, students and show off your acquired typing speed.3) The Most Dangerous Writing App

You need to be at your very best to use this platform because once you stop typing, all progress will be lost.

The app helps to overcome the writer’s block -an intimidating hurdle for a writer- allowing words to flow without over thinking them.
It forces complete focus, so it is important you don’t have something else doing when using the app.However, when you are on top of your game, you can try the hardcore mode: a mode where a single letter pops up on the screen at a time. This is will prevent you from seeing the entire sentence or any grammatical error until the timer is complete.

4) Typing Academy

A beautifully, unclustered platform that does not bombard you with ads and delivers fast experience. Typing academy is where you can learn a variety of free lessons on improving your typing speed. Registration is optional on the site, and if you are willing to register it is totally free.It allows you to monitor your stats and your performance by keeping an eye on your latest result and long-term improvements.

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5) Keybr

Another free online typing tutorial. Keybr employs smart algorithms which generate lessons that match your typing skills. Much like the piano players, Keybr uses touch typing which shows you where your fingers should be on the keyboard to find keys fast without the sense of sight.Keybr also measures keystroke dynamics to collect data to give random words and putting emphasis on the weakest key, that is, the more troubles you have with a key, the more you type them.