5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android: Editing like A Pro.

    In this post, we will see the best photo editing apps for Android that will really help you to edit your images. These applications won’t cover fancy speakers and stuff but this will really help you to edit your images if you don’t have a computer with you at the moment or if you don’t own one.

    At the end of the post, I will also cover how I edit my images with a mobile phone so stick to the end of the post. Without wasting any time let’s get started.

    1) Snapseed


    With Snapseed you get enough filters and with these filters, you can then tune your image with the different sliders like you have shadows, highlights, ambience and saturation. You get all the sliders that you expect from an image editing software.

    You can increase the structure, sharpening and you can zoom in the image. Also, you can play with the curves and you have all the RGB curves as well. You also have presets for your curves so you know what you’re doing and then you can adjust the curves to get that different look that you can create with a single click.

    You can rotate your image and do all the basic kinds of stuff and you can also correct the perspective and if there’s any black portion that will get filled and that’s great.

    If you want to undo, you can do that and then you can also selectively edit a particular image like for example, you can increase the brightness of a particular part. You can paint in brighter areas, you can paint in darker areas with the brush.

    There are different filters as well. So you have different filters like tonal contrast, HDR, black and white and there are a lot of options to try for so with just a few clicks you can actually transform your image and make your images look very beautiful.

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    2) Lightroom.

    The next photo editing application for Android is Lightroom. Now, Lightroom is very amazing software. Adobe makes Lightroom also for computer and I am very used to it.

    The overall interface and the overall UI is very similar to the computer UI. When you use it, you will get used to it if you have used Lightroom before on a PC.

    You have tons of options here and you have much more flexibility compared to any other image editing software that’s on this list.

    There is a saturation luminance. You can select a colour, you can target something you have a lot more flexibility compared to the other software I personally like Lightroom the best and I use Lightroom a lot when I’m using mobile phone for my editing even when doing different kinds of stuff you have too many options.

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    It comes with different presets that you get to play with. So it’s a very similar experience which you get when you are using Lightroom in a computer so when you start using it here you basically get a very similar experience.

    You can use presets. You can then tweak the presets what you can do is you can also view the histogram, you can view different information.

    There is also the option where you can copy the settings from one image to different image and you can then synchronize the settings and both images will get edited in an exactly same manner and that’s amazing.

    Lightroom also has inbuilt camera app so you can take the images with that camera app then you can edit those images which you took with the camera app in the same way and you’re good to go.

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    3) SKRWT

    The next image editing software is SKRWT. The SKRWT editing app is a very different app altogether. It’s not meant for changing colours, changing the tones or getting some effects or light effects.

    But this app is specifically for correcting the perspective or changing the perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong, you have other applications where you can play with perspective, where you can correct the perspective but this photo editing android app gives much more options.

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    You have mobile, wide, fisheye and GoPro. So you have all these different kind of presets which you don’t have in the other software, Basically, you get a lot more flexibility. You can create the type of look you want, you can create a different kind of wide-angle images, you can create that GoPro looks if you want.

    You can do a lot of stuff in Skrwt and I use this app a lot of times when I want to basically try to correct the distortions or want to do something that is creative.

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    The next photo editing android app we’re going to talk about is Fotor. This is basically again an image editing software and you get all the sliders that are present.

    But you also get noise reduction. Noise reduction is very useful if you have colour noise if you have something that’s short on a higher ISO and that’s why you have the noise you can use that. Again, you have all the curves layer, all the hue saturation layer that you would find in the other software and all those are present.

    You get all the options you have some presets as well to play with. You can change the opacity as well you can manage the presets if you want.

    Rest of all is pretty much the same. It’s like compared to the other software it’s pretty much similar but you get different scenes to play with and you get noise reduction so Fotor is a good photo editing application and I recommend you to try it.

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    5) Photo Director.

    The next one is the photo director. The CyberLink photo director is again very similar. The UI is a bit boring I feel but it does the work.

    It’s a very powerful image editing application. What I like about this particular application is in spite of getting some basic adjustments, it has some very unique things which the other applications did not. You can, of course, remove certain objects which you can do in other software too.

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    But in this software what I like most as I said is blender and overlay. So you can add a different kind of textures in the sky then you can adjust the size, adjust the opacity, adjust the position and create this amazing looks.

    You can paint the mask, you can adjust the brush size and you can create this beautiful look in just simple clicks.

    Blender is one more option that I like you can create light leaks, you can create very different light looking effects adjust the opacity and get the images looking beautiful.

    [maxbutton id=”8″ text=”Download Photo Director” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyberlink.photodirector&hl=en” linktitle=”tooltip” window=”new” nofollow=”true”]

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    How I edit my images is basically I bring it into Lightroom, I always check my histogram so that I know what I’m doing I then tweak the details. I play with my curves, change my colours and I do a lot of things.

    I will proceed to play with the split tone. The major reason why I use Lightroom is basically that I am used to Lightroom when I’m using a computer so whenever I switch to mobile I don’t find it hard to use and get familiar with

    Then I export the image and then I go to SQRWT app and as I said if I want to make any kind of perspective applications or perspective corrections I do it in SQRWT.