The Best OnePlus 6T Cases You Have To See!

    You have just bought the new Oneplus 6T? Good. Now it is time to beautify the new gadget with accessories to make it look elegant and beautiful.

    One of the most important smartphone accessories is the case which protects and guide the phone from external damage but picking the right Oneplus 6T case can be a daunting task. That’s why we have highlighted the best 6T cases in the market which are also pocket-friendly.

    Cut to the chase.

    1) Krusell Sunne OnePlus 6T Leather Case – Vintage Nude- $29.99


    Krusell Sunne Vintage Nude Leather is an elegant and sleek option that provides a sophisticated and stylish look for the 6T. The genuine leather material not only provides a professional finish, but it also gives an added sense of grip to the device.

    Specifically made for the 6T, the case designs carefully adapt to the features of the phone which means charging, taking pictures and turning up your favourite music can be done with ease while there are some exposed areas, the soft bumpy lining to absorb shocks from impacts keeping the 6T looking brand new.

    Overall, this option is perfect for preserving a look at your Oneplus 6T. The durable and long-lasting design protects against Knox, bumps, scratches and scrapes making this a great option for those that want to keep their device looking classy in any setting while having peace of mind in maintaining the brand new look.

    2) OnePlus 6T Case Single Fit Label Series– $19.99


    Next up we have the single fit label from the VRS design. It features a premium quality shell, this option provides a suitable yet stylish look for your Oneplus 6T.

    The TPU body acts as a lightweight shield against bumps drop, scratches and scrapes helping to preserve the pristine look of your phone. It covers the back and sides of the phone while also allowing access to all features.

    This Oneplus 6T case is slim compact and pocket-friendly making it perfect for those that do not want any unnecessary bulk. The slightly raised ridge effect on the back not only adds a stylish look, but it also adds an extra sense of gripping that prevent slips and slides which keeps the device safe.

    With raised edges around the screen, this also helps to prevent scratches and scrapes on the display when face down on a flat surface. Overall this Oneplus 6T from VRS design is a great choice for all-around protection of your phone, the added sense of grip and slim design of the case maintained the sleek and stylish look of the Oneplus 6T while offering protection from bumps drops and scratches.


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    3) Krusell Sunne 2 Card OnePlus 6T Leather Wallet Case– $46


    Next is the leather wallet case from Krusell Sonne. A stylish and sophisticated option providing front and back protection to the Oneplus 6T.

    With genuine vintage leather, this case offers a sleek and elegant look for your device in every setting with an integrated soft and protective lining. This 6T case prevents scratches and absorbs shocks from impacts giving complete peace of mind that your device maintains its pristine look.

    The practical design featuring convenient card slots with additional space for money makes this a great option for those that want the multi-purpose phone case with a high level of protection.

    Viewing your favourite films, TV shows and videos has never been easier with Krusell Sonne Oneplus 6T leather wallet case, you can adjust your phone to the perfect viewing angle.

    With cutouts for all the 6Ts features, access to buttons and the charging port is not impeded allowing you to use your device as though it wasn’t in a case.

    Overall this Oneplus 6T case is great all-round with a very practical design for all occasions keeping your phone safe from drops, bumps, scratches and scrapes all while giving your 6T stylish and premium looks suitable for any social setting.

    4) Olixar Novashield Oneplus 6T Bumper Case – $16.99


    Olixar Nova shell bumper case is a simplistic 6T case that allows you to show off the sleek design of your 6T while ensuring it is protected from drops., bumps and scratches.

    With a shockproof dual layer, the Novashield equips the sides and backs of your device with exceptional protection without obstructing the device’s features, the soft press buttons are easy to press acting as though the case isn’t there allowing you to get maximum use of your 6T.

    Keeping the screen and camera safe from scratches and scrapes, the raised bezel helps to prevent damage to these areas when placed on a flat surface while the surrounding bumper cushions the vulnerable edges of the device.

    Overall the Novashield is a perfect choice for those that want great protection while flawless showing off the sleek design of the Oneplus 6T.

    5) Olixar Armourdillo Protective Oneplus 6T case – $12.99


    The final cover we’ll be looking at is the armourdillo protective case from Olixar. It is designed for those with an active lifestyle, this rugged and durable Oneplus 6T case provides fantastic shock and impact absorption, keeping the 6T looking great.

    Rigorously made, the armadillo adapts to the design of the device protecting it from bunch drops, scratches and scrapes without impeding the device’s features.

    The textured design enhances grip providing an extra sense of security when holding the 6T. Video viewing can be done with ease with a kickstand certainly integrated into the back of the case, this provides the perfect viewing angle for your favourite TV shows without adding bulk to the overall feel of the phone.

    Overall Olixar armourdillo provides ultimate protection to the 6T, this durable and rugged option provides a high level of protection for extreme situations making this the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle. 

    let us know your favourites in the comments below.