The best Free Weather Apps of 2019: Top weather apps to install.

    Weather apps and widgets are one of the essential apps any smartphone user should have on their devices. The traditional method of knowing the weather through the television and newspaper are over.

    As a smartphone user, you should have your version of portable weather studio with you every you go. With that in mind, downloading a quality weather app from the play store or your preferred app store can be a daunting task as you have to pick from thousands of available apps which may or may not be up to quality.

    Although the default android weather app works just fine. However, with quality apps from play store with a lot of customizations, a more engaging experience can be delivered. Let’s cut to the chase and highlight the best weather apps you can download for your new or existing smartphone.

    1)  Yahoo Weather Apps


    Of the majority of the weather apps available for download, this could easiest be the most pretty of all. First, you would notice this weather app have beautiful background images that are pulled from Flickr, which is not surprising given that it is a picture service by Yahoo. Yahoo weather app was released in 2015, and the app has amassed a total of over 10M downloads and with an average rating of 4.4/5.

    The free to use weather app allows you to check the latest weather hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. It has a great layout which allows you to check multiple location weather. You scroll up and down to get weather information about one location, and you scroll sideways for forecasts about multiple locations. The app also sends notification about the weather to users twice a day. The Yahoo weather app is available for free download from the play store for a little over  20MB.

    2) AccuWeather


    This is perhaps the most popular and most downloaded among the weather apps. Although the app is m0netized with ads which can be at times annoying due to the way it pops up. You can, however, get it all removed for a one-time purchase of $3.99.

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    The unique feature of this weather app is the Minutecast which shows you live precipitation minute by minute, i.e. you can know exactly how minutes more until it starts to rains.

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    3) Dark Sky

    It has a well-deserved honor of being called one of the best weather apps for the Android folks. For starters, Dark sky features detailed weather forecasts which are shown on a minute basis as opposed to the hourly basis of most weather apps.

    It also has a radar view in an animated version that will appeal to fans out there. Some downside to the app include the fact that to access premium features, you would part ways with $2.99 yearly, and the app is only available to users in the US, UK, Ireland, and Puerto Rico.

    4) 1Weather

    At the instant you launch the 1Weather app, you will notice a difference in its design compared to other apps on this list. Most weather apps follow the same design pattern, but such is not the case of this app. The design and neat user interface help to select and track weather conditions in 12 different locations.

    1weather is a simple, beautiful weather app. Users and critics alike have made it one of the top-rated weather apps for Android, 

    It design interface paired with a robust set of in-depth tools makes getting the current weather a breeze. The app provides a complete forecast for your current location or any location worldwide, which you can view as an hourly or extended forecast.

    It allows you to monitor severe weather that’s likely to affect your area and set alerts to prepare for extreme conditions — live access radar from any screen where you can view precipitation, humidity and UV indexes.

    Multiple widget options allow you to view all the day’s critical metrics from the home screen. Other weather metrics are also available just like you will find on other android weather apps. The app provides the option to get a 12-week weather forecast, also known as the PRECISION CAST, which means you can make plans for up to three months and know the weather condition in mind.

    For users in the US,  you get to receive notifications when there is severe weather condition through the National Weather Service.

    5) NOAA


    Straight to the chase, you certainly won’t get all the bells and whistle you may see from other weather apps in this one. As such, do not expect much in terms of the user interface as the app was developed with experts, hardcore weather nerds in mind. The information displayed on this app is straight from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration database.

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    Using the app, you will discover so soon why the app is for the hardcore fans. There is an earthquake feature that shows you the parts of the world where earthquakes have affected or at the risk of being affected by earthquakes.

    Put, if you are looking for raw and real-time weather data, then this app is definitely for you. Put it in mind that the app is ad-supported and has over 10M downloads showing its popularity.

    6) Weather Underground


    Weather Underground is free to download weather app powered by over 250,000 personal weather stations, that is no bluffing because the company has been around since 1995 and a source of the weather forecast for many companies. The app comes with primary weather data and customizable weather widgets.

    The unique feature about the app is the dynamic temperature color, which changes the background color to match your location temperature. That means merely looking at the widget; you have an idea of the weather condition.