Best Smartphones With Long Battery Life: Long Lasting Mobiles.

    This is almost mid-2019 and all mobile phones released so far have all boasted ridiculous battery life. That’s something actually heavily degraded over the past two decades as our handsets have grown into monstrous beasts. If you’re on for something with serious battery power you kind of want to grab a feature phone like the Nokia 8110.

    It’ll get you going for days on a single charge which is ideal for festivals and alike, but you can only use a phone like that for texting your friends and calling your mum. I mean browsing the web is laborious at best and there is scan support for any apps as well.

    That raises the question of which smartphones in 2019 actually offer the best battery life not to mention the best battery features as well such as fast charging and wireless charge. Below you will get answers to those questions and here are the five roundup favourites you can get right now.


    1) Motorola MOTO G7 Power.

    Now the Moto G7 Power boost one of the biggest batteries of any smartphone in 2019. A mighty 5000mAh cell, the 6.2-inch smartphone can keep on going for days on that even if you absolutely pummel it with heavy use. Unfortunately, while we quite like the G7 Power, it is a bit stripped back compared with the standard Moto G7.


    You get the same Snapdragon 632 chipset backed by 4 gigs of RAM around so performance is absolutely fine. But the LCD screen has unfortunate been pared back from full HD Plus to just an HD+ panel. Also, you now only get a single-lens rear camera, a 12 MP effort instead of the dual end snapper found on the standard Moto G7. Even at that, we really can’t fault the stock Android Play experience bolstered by lots of great more features as well.

    2) Moto E5 Plus.


    We also want to big up the older Moto E5 Plus. A more budget-friendly smartphone that isn’t quite as well standard as the G7 Power but definitely does not compromise on that battery tech. You once again have a mammoth 5000mAh cell delivering two to three days of use without breaking a sweat.


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    3) Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.


    Huawei Mates really is the full package. They are fantastic premium smartphones in every respect and they certainly impress when it comes to battery life too. The standard Mate 20 spots a flipping big 4000mAh cells and I found that even with a persistent play I struggled to kill this thing over a 36-hour period.

    Even better is the Pro model, it packs an amazing 4200 mAh battery which will last you two full days no problem unless you’re absolutely punishing the thing. The Pro version also boasts faster-charging plugin, a type-c USB cable and the wireless superCharged delivers 40 watts of power to be back up to full in roughly an hour.

    The Mate 20 Pro also support for wireless charging again with impressive speeds. This 15:1 effort definitely beats more rivals such as the Pixel 3 handsets and as if that wasn’t already more than enough, the Mate 20 Pro can then share its charge with other phones using its reverse wireless charging feature thus making you the hero when your friend runs out of juice when you’re both down the Boozer.

    4) Honor View 20.


    Much like the Huawei Mate 20, you get a 4000mAh cell packed inside of Honor’s more affordable View 20 flagship. It offers a long battery life and you will easily get well over a day of life from a full charge and close to two days if you’re a bit more restrained.

    To kill this View 20 battery life before bedtime you basically have to be playing PUBG non-stop and when you do need to power up again, the View 20 also supports Huawei superCharge tech so you can get just over a half charge in around half an hour.

    5) Oppo RX17 Pro.

    The RX17 Pro is Oppo most recent launch which may face stiff competition from the likes of the Honor View 20 and OnePlus 6T but it can’t be beaten for that innovative dual battery tech. A fully charged battery delivers well over a day of quite intensive use and best of all the RX 17 Pro can be fully charged again in a crazy fast 40 minutes using the clever super VOOC system, this powers up the two thirteen hundred and fifty million cells simultaneously for seriously impressive results.

    6) OnePlus 6T

    Although it’s not as impressive as from the others on this list, the Oneplus 6T still marked a significant improvement over previous smartphones from OnePlus when it comes to the battery life.

    The bigger 3700 mAh cell means you easily get over a day of life even with heavy use and that Dash Charge tech will get you topped up again pretty soon. Even better if you spring for the expense of McLaren Edition, then you get OnePlus as new warp charge tech instead which can give you half a charge in about twenty minutes.

    That is the roundup of the best phones for battery life that we have seen in 2019 but honourable mentions go to the LG V40 which impressively delivers a day-and-a-half of solid use despite its relatively compact 3200 mAh battery a feat matched by Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

    So that right there is the full roundup of the best smartphones for a battery tech that you can get in 2019. Did I miss out any of your favourites? Definitely, let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the notification panel to get the latest tech updates straight to your inbox.