The Best AntiVirus Software For 2019. (For Mac, Windows And Android).

We are going to be checking out the five best antivirus software in 2019. This list was made based on my personal opinion and hours of research and have listed them based on quality, price and more. I have included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for an entry-level option or the best product money can buy we’ll have the product for you.

If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links just below each software description. Let’s get started.

1) Avira.


When you load up Avira on your computer you will see a number of apps to choose from including opera browser, software updater, system speed up, privacy pal and safe shopping.

You will also have numerous free features that you can choose to install at any time. The password manager and home guard network scanner are just a couple of these options. If you want to jump right into scanning your computer for viruses, you can choose the quick scan option from the main menu.

The interface of this antivirus software is packed with quite a few icons and buttons giving it a somewhat cluttered appearance, even so, you should still be able to navigate through the software easy enough. On the sidebar, you will see numerous icons for quarantine any potentially dangerous files, viewing system logs and browsing through the various settings.

Selecting most of these items will provide you with pop-up panels that give you more menu options to choose from. There is also a custom scan tool that you can use to check different processes that are running in your system, you can select specific files folders and drives to scan for viruses and malware.


Some of the features of this antivirus software include:

Game mode
: If you enjoy playing video games on your computer activating this mode will prevent any notifications from interrupting you.

Custom scan: You can choose to scan a specific storage device or folder to scan.

Web Guard: The web guard feature that comes with this antivirus software will protect your system from threats while you’re browsing the web.

Effective: This is one of the most effective antivirus programs available. It does a very good job of finding and destroying a wide range of threats.

Easy setup: It won’t take very long at all for you to set up the software and start scanning.

Frequent updates: New updates are always being made available for the software which is partially why it’s so effective as a whole.

One con of this antivirus software is that the browser protection feature is only available for Chrome and Firefox users

You can get Avira antivirus for free but you also have the option of purchasing the Internet Security Suite with premium antivirus for around $50. This software definitely has a lot to offer the average person. It’s easy to use with an intuitive interface and will do a great job of keeping viruses and malware off of your computer.


2) ESET.


One of the best things about ESET antivirus is the fact that you have a lot of options for fine-tuning the performance. There are tons of settings that you can play around with until you get everything just right.

Even the email scanning options are fairly impressive you have the option of scanning individual emails and choosing which clients to integrate this software with.

Clicking the computer scan button on the main screen will take you to the scan page when you click to scan the program will instantly go to work. You will be able to perform a general scan which takes longer, a quick scan or a removable Drive scan.

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There is also a custom scan option that lets you choose specific locations to scan for threats. The software is really good at scanning quickly and it seems to do a good job of digging deep for potential threats like viruses and malware.

There is a URL filtering feature that is dedicated to detecting malicious URLs when you’re browsing the web this can be very useful if you spend a lot of time visiting lots of different sites.

The device control feature will let you choose what happens when certain users connect various types of devices to the computer this will allow you to maintain full control over your system.

Features of this antivirus software include:

Background scanning: This antivirus software works stealthily in the background on your system to ensure that no malicious threats are looking in the shadows.

Device control: You can decide exactly what happens when specific users connect to new devices on your computer with a device control feature.

Web threat detection: When you were browsing the web this software will notify you of any malicious URLs.

Ease of use: Even those who have never used an anti-virus program before should have no problem navigating this one.

Lots of settings: There are tons of different settings for you to choose from so you can configure everything to your liking.

Multi-device licenses: you can use each license you purchase with numerous devices

One con of this antivirus software is that there aren’t very many features which is somewhat disappointing.

You can choose to do a 30-day free trial to see if ESET antivirus is for you when the trial is up it costs around 40 dollars which isn’t bad when you consider how well it works.

While there aren’t many bonus features, it’s a highly effective piece of software.



3) The Kaspersky antivirus.


Kaspersky antivirus is a simple yet effective design with a nice clean layout that is incredibly user-friendly. When you load up the software you will see the current protection status of your computer, there are four different buttons that you can use to perform a scan, update the database, view reports and load up the on-screen keyboard.


There is a scheduler feature that will allow you to choose precisely when the software runs in your system. You will have numerous other configuration options to get the settings just how you want.

The quick scan option will allow you to start scanning your entire system for threats with a quick of a button, it doesn’t take long at all but it’s still fairly thorough. You can bring up the on-screen keyboard to protect all of your login details and account numbers. It’s very effective at counteracting most key loggers.

Performing a vulnerability scan will allow you to check your system for missing security patches and optimize your operating system settings. There’s a troubleshooting wizard for Windows users in case you get stuck on something.

Features of this antivirus include:

Privacy cleaner: This feature lets you detect and remove any record of the previous activity that’s been stored by applications.

Vulnerability scan: The vulnerability scan option allows you to make sure that your system is running as smoothly and securely as possible.

Real-time antivirus protection: This antivirus software works in real time to ensure that any threats are detected immediately.

Internet threat detection: If you stumble upon some malicious websites you will be notified by the software immediately, you will have the opportunity to ignore the warning if you so choose.

File recovery: You will be able to recover files that have been damaged by malware which can be very useful.

User-friendly interface: This program has a very simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to understand right from the start.

Accurate: The sheer accuracy of Kaspersky antivirus software is truly impressive. It can identify and remove a wide range of threats.

One con of this antivirus software is that you will not be able to create your custom scan types so you are limited to the existing options.

Coming in at around $30, the Kaspersky antivirus software is a great deal for just about everyone. It offers quite a few features that will help you protect your entire system. The file recovery and internet threat detection features are particularly nice.


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4) Avast.


Avast is one of the few free antivirus programs available that doesn’t come with a lot of bloatware and unnecessary extras. When you install this program you can select custom installation which will give you 13 different apps that you can install.

There are tons of useful features including smart scan option that automatically scans your entire system for malware, shady browser extensions and missing software patches. It’s incredibly comprehensive when scanning, the performance scan feature will look for ways to optimize the performance of your system as a whole.

You will have the ability to set up numerous skin types and schedule them whatever is most convenient. You can also select specific areas of your hard drive to scan for viruses and malware.

The web extension for Chrome will alert you of any potentially dangerous websites when you click on a link, this will help you avoid unnecessary threats of all kinds when browsing the web.

The Wi-Fi inspector feature is yet another great tool that scans your local network to see if any unauthorized people are using your devices. This is one feature that you just won’t get with other free antivirus programs.

Some of the features of Avast antivirus include:

Password manager: This program has a built-in password manager that stores your login details for multiple sites so you don’t have to remember them.

Web filtering: You will get real-time protection while browsing the web mostly with the Chrome extension.

Wi-Fi inspector: If you want to keep people from mooching off your Wi-Fi at home, you can use this tool to scan your local network at any time.

Tons of features: You will get an amazing number of features for a free antivirus program.

Excellent detection rates: This software is exceptionally good at detecting many different types of threats.

Easy setup: It doesn’t take long to set up the software and there’s even a custom installation option.

One con of this antivirus software is that the features for this password manager are somewhat limited.

Avast antivirus is completely free for PC, Mac and Android users. It offers far more features than you would expect from free software. The program is easy to use and very intuitive overall you will get effective protection from viruses, malware and other types of cyber threats.

It’s a great option for those who are on a tight budget but still want adequate protection for their computer or mobile device.


5) AVG Antivirus.

AVG antivirus free is definitely one of the more popular and beloved tools for removing viruses on Windows and Mac computers. It offers full real-time protection so you’ll be notified when you stumble upon a potentially dangerous website.

It offers even more extra features than Avast which is pretty impressive, you will have complete control when it comes to your ability to enable and disable various features including web filtering, real-time file checking and behavioural monitoring.

One of the best features there’s this pro offers is a passive mode which continues installing even if another antivirus program is detected. The scanned computer button on the main screen of this program will get you started, it will immediately launch a comprehensive scan of your system.

The software is particularly skilled at picking up on the most obscure threats, you have the ability to scan certain files, folders and processes at any time. The real-time web protection aspect of this program automatically blocks malicious URLs, it does not use an extension like other programs but it definitely gets the job done.

Some of the features of this antivirus include:

File shredder: The file shredder feature allows you to delete files so they cannot be recovered by conventional means.

Remote management: You will be able to manage the antivirus software on your computer from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

Camera-trap: If someone steals your laptop you can use the camera tap feature to identify the thief easily.

Configurability: This software makes it easy to configure everything to your exact specifications.

Impressive detection ability: There are very few other antivirus programs available that are as effective as this one at detecting and removing cyber threats.

Web protection: The real-time web protection that you get from this program will help keep you safe no matter where you go on the web.


One con of this antivirus software is that the performance scan feature is a bit unnecessary and doesn’t do a whole lot

You can download AVG Antivirus for free and it’s one of the best ways to keep your system safe from viruses, malware and so much more.

With this program on your computer, you will have peace of mind. It’s very effective at immediately detecting threats and removing them completely. there are quite a few bonus features that can be very useful as well.