The 7 Best Android Emulators Of 2019: Experience Android life on Windows

    Are you feeling the need to experience Android on your PC? The Android emulators are the answers to your problem. What are they? They are programs designed to provide a virtual environment on your PC to enable you to install any Android application to work exactly like on Android mobile.

    There are several reasons why anyone would run the emulators on PC. For example, app developers testing their applications before sending it to users, you may want to test out a custom ROM or for some, they simply want to have the virtual interface on their PC.

    Whatever the reason, emulating android is possible and we are going to examine the best emulators we have out there.

    Some emulators are very easy to use, such that, you download, open and simply use them. Others require some technical knowledge and know-how before you can run them. On any list of best android emulators, you most likely to meet Bluestacks topping the list.

    However, few android emulators are catching up really fast and you can see them some of them below in our list of best android emulators for PC of 2018.


    1. Bluestacks

     This is a no-brainer. It was launched in 2011 and since then it has become the most known and most used android emulators among users. Gamers to be more specific since the emulator is well optimized for gaming.
    It’s compatible with Windows and Mac. It is free to download and relatively easy to set up, little wonder, many users in the world of Android emulation started with Bluestacks.

    The latest version dubbed the Blusestack 4.0 came out in 2018 and updated it to Android Nougat which provides improved speed even on older computers, unlike the previous versions that were kind of bloated.

    You are not going to experience the best emulator interface with Bluestack but you can launch multiple instances to play multiple games at once or same game multiple times.

    Another downside to the emulator is that it is quite heavy which makes it sluggish in productivity apps. The free version is supported with ads, you can get the premium version which is ads free for $24.

    Download here.

    2. Nox App Player

    This is another emulator targeted at gamers just like the Bluestack. Although it works well with other Android apps, there is no denying that Nox, with the utilities and additions, is best suited for games like PUBG.

    It is absolutely free and with no roaming ads. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned pro, you will find Nox easy to use with capacity that allows you to map keys of keyboard, mouse and gamepad. You can simulate actual gesture movements on your keyboard. The Android emulator’s technology is based on Android 4.4.2/5.5.1 which gives a wide range of apps to run on your PC.

    3.Bliss Android Emulator

    This particular android emulator is not recommended for the less tech-savvy category. Bliss is a little bit different. The installation which is quite complicated can be done in two ways. The VM installation which is the simpler method and the complex method of USB installation, It allows Android to run natively on your PC provided your system is compatible, otherwise, you will have problems running the emulator.

    It is a step up to Bluestack in that it is based on Android Oreo. For more guidance on how to install, check their website or check the bliss forum on XDA developers. Remember if you are less tech-savvy, you should avoid this Android emulator.


    Droid Android emulator may not provide you with the most attractive interface of emulators on this list but it works perfectly and it is one of the classic Android emulators you will ever find. It is compatible with Mac. One thing you will discover is that Droid is more open than other emulators as it allows users more control.

    Its target audience is more of the gamers but that does not mean running productivity apps is out of the window. The Android emulator is less likely to feature on this type of list very soon because the last update to it was March 2016. So you can expect it to be slightly buggy.


    For most of us, gaming is the main reason why we simulate Android app on PC. Koplayer is another Android emulator made with gamers in mind and I repeat, other wide range of apps can run on it. Koplayer will provide you with a virtual environment to run Android apps with speed and compatibility.

    You can run your apps in the speed mode to maximise performance, but you need to be careful not to run into problems, however, if you do, you still have the compatibility mode to rely on. Like most emulators for gaming, with Koplayer you will be able to use keymapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard. It supports multiple accounts, video recording, gamepad and keyboard.

    One of the downside to Koplayer is that it has not received any update for a year and counting, so expect it to crash sometimes even in the compatibility mode. But other than that, you can be sure that you are in for a treat with the internal integrated Play store.


    You see MEmu is one of the fast-rising Android emulators that is quickly gaining ground. It has managed to make a name for itself in the emulation world for good reasons. For starters, once again, you will realise MEmu focus is on gaming with support for AMD and Intel chipsets. In addition to that, Integrated and dedicated graphics are supported.

    Other features include support for Android versions: Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop. You have the option of keyboard mapping to enhance your gaming experience and it allows you to install apps from playstore and through APKs if you wish. The emulator is free to download and free to use as well.


    Youwave has been around for quite a long time. Unlike many other on the list, Youwave didn’t focus on gaming in particular as it lacks any game-specific features. But at that, you can still run your light games and other apps smoothly on it.

    The installation process is straightforward and the free version comes with ads and runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. However, to get rid of the ads, you need to go for the premium version which will set you back by $29.99. On the premium version, you get the Android Lollipop version.

    You can check their official website to see the minimum system requirement. It also has Mac support.

    Download here.