Advertisement timing and placement fails – Hilarious results!

Sometimes, a good idea, a decent cause, a clever creative is just not enough. A marketing manager in a company, planning their next advertisement campaign, takes many things into conclusion, such as timing, crowd, media, budget. But there are still many things that he just can’t take into account. You will see some crazy examples in this article.

Comon are you serious?? It cant be real! And its on a printed newspaper! There were like dozens of people looking at it before it went public. I hope someone was sent home after this. Its very insensitive to this poor young woman. But still, what can you do … sooo funny. This sign on the cemetery wall.. you can’t be real. I wonder what’s this sign is for. Probably not for the cemetery. What contains fun and located right next to a cemetery I wonder? Or is it a billboard? But who will pay for this ad location? I wonder? Many questions left unanswered. Just like in cemeteries (sorry, sorry, I had to) I am <this> close to not believing this is a coincidence. One girl? OK, the second one? Well, but three? Three different photos, two of them are from different articles, all of them contains girls, and if its not enough all three are looking to the same direction. And of course, there is a man there. Excuse me, not a face, or a body, but only his body, perfectly shaped, wearing only a shorts. If its not a coincidence and its all a part of one single ad – give this guy a medal. Oh this ad placement just go wrong. And there is no one to blame nowadays when its all automatic advertisement softwares! What are the odds?? Two mass shootings next to a two shirts sale. Oh god. It makes me sad and happy at the same time!